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Willo the Wisp Title

Willo the Wisp was a character based on the North European folklore legend of Will-o'the-Wisp (the ghost lights, or "corpse candles" seen on marshes).

Created by Nick Spargo, originally for an educational cartoon for British Gas in 1975, explaining the way the gas network works in the UK. Kenneth Williams provided the very memorable voices.

A series was produced comprising 26 5-minute episodes, with all characters voiced by Kenneth Williams as before. Willo the Wisp was the narrator in the programmes, with the main character being a fairy named Mavis Cruet.

All episodes were set in Doyley Woods, Oxfordshire.


  • Willo the Wisp - The Narrator, a blue ghost-like wisp.
  • Mavis Cruet - A rather plump fairy, who is not very good at magic.
  • Evil Edna - A witch, who takes the form of a talking television set.
  • Arthur - A caterpillar.
  • Carwash - A cat who acts like Noel Coward.
  • The Moog - A dog.
  • The Beast - A prince, that Evil Edna transformed into a hairy beast.
  • Twit - A little bird.


Written & Directed by: Nick Spargo

Series Two

In 2005, Bobbie Spargo (daughter of Nick Spargo) created a second series of Willo the Wisp, with scripts written by Jamie Rix, and all characters voiced by James Dreyfus.

It started broadcasting on the "Playhouse Disney UK" channel in October 2005.



Willo the Wisp - The Complete Series
Willo The Wisp Complete Series 1.jpg


Theme Tune

Composed by Tony Kinsey.


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