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Uncle Jack was a children's TV show which aired on BBC1 in the early 1990's. The show's hero, Jack Green, and his family are on a mission to save the planet. Jack Green's arch-nemesis was a woman who was only known as The Vixen who would be planning on taking over the world.

Uncle Jack ran for four series, from 1990-1993, each had an environmental message in them.

Characters & Cast

The Series

# Title Screen Series Title, Description and Episode Listings
1 Unclejack operationgreen.jpg Uncle Jack and Operation Green (1990)

Uncle Jack is on a mission to get the Formula for a lethal new gas being developed by the GasChem company, but MI5, the Russians and the Americans are after the Formula too and all request help from the World's smartest criminal, known only as The Vixen!

  • Ep1: How It All Began
  • Ep2: The Plot Thickens
  • Ep3: Carrying The Can
  • Ep4: Oil
  • Ep5: Kidnapped
  • Ep6: All Tied Up
2 Unclejack lochnoch.jpg Uncle Jack and the Loch Noch Monster (1991)

Uncle Jack visits his brother in Scotland but he's been missing since he went fishing on his boat on Loch Noch. Uncle Jack then discovers that the marine base at the Loch is hiding something - are they to do with the disappearance of Jack's brother and the mysterious radioactive green material that is appearing everywhere. The Vixen meanwhile wants to make a monster out of the radioactive material to terrorize the world.

  • Ep1: Something Sinister....
  • Ep2: The Return Of The Vixen
  • Ep3: Operation Rescue
  • Ep4: Terror In Edinburgh
  • Ep5: Monsters Galore!
  • Ep6: Countdown
3 Unclejack darkside.jpg Uncle Jack and the Dark Side of the Moon (1992)

Uncle Jack visits Kate at her new school only to discover the weather around Brimley Crompton is changing from one extreme to another with heat waves, sudden blustery winds and rain, it is as if someone is controlling the weather. That someone just happens to be The Vixen on her moon base using a standing stone in the school grounds with the help of the school headmistress, Miss Bones and her brother.

  • Ep1: Evil Weather
  • Ep2: Kidnapped
  • Ep3: The Vixen Strikes
  • Ep4: Escape
  • Ep5: The Vixen Has Landed
  • Ep6: Off With His Head
4 Unclejack cleopatrasmummy.jpg Uncle Jack and Cleopatra's Mummy (1993)

Uncle Jack is on the search for Cleopatra's hidden treasure, but the tomb is said to be guarded by the Mummy. The Vixen is also after the treasure but at what cost?

  • Ep1: A Dig At El Ninny
  • Ep2: The Camel's Breath
  • Ep3: Meet The Mummy
  • Ep4: The Legend Comes Alive
  • Ep5: The Tomb Of El Wadi Whant
  • Ep6: The Treasure Of Cleopatra!

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