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Harry Corbett started out with Sooty originally in 1948.

In 1952, Harry and Sooty became regulars on 'Saturday Special' a childrens BBC television program. It was 1953 before Sweep (the squeaking dog) joined Sooty, and another 10 years before Sooty got a girlfriend, in 1963, in the form of Soo - a talking Panda. Butch the dog, Ramsbottom the snake and Sooty's cousin Scampi also made appearances.

In 1975, Harry's son Matthew took over the rights to Sooty and continued with the Sooty Show, turning it into "Sooty and Co." after Harry passed away in 1989.

In the late nineties, Matthew Corbett retired, marking the end of the series "Sooty and Co.". The show was handed over to Richard Cadell, who presented the show through another three series, at first under the name "Sooty Heights", then under the name, "Sooty".


  • The Puppets
    • Sooty - A lovable naughty yellow teddy bear with black ears.
    • Sweep - Is a grey Spaniel dog with long black ears. He can act a bit stupid at times!
    • Soo - Is a black and white panda, who's original character in the show was Sooty's Girlfriend.
    • Scampi - Sooty's cousin.
    • Butch - A fierce looking black dog. He was introduced because of an boxing episode and Harry did not want Sooty to fight his best friend Sweep.
    • Ramsbottom - A snake with a Yorkshire accent.

Theme Tune


Lyrics to Sooty & Co (1993-98)

Hey ho! It's Sooty and co.!
Everybody say "hello" (hello!)
There's Sooty, and Sweep, a panda called Soo,
And little cousin Scampy, too!

There'll be fun galore with the terrible four,
Just you wait and see!

It's Sooty and company! Sooty and company!



The Sooty Show - Sweep Superdog (6 episodes)
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The Original Sooty Show - Wet and Wild Water Fun!
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Sooty - Izzy Whizzy
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