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As Merlin wanted to create a ski resort for King Arthur, some strange Norwegian trolls landed in a snow cloud. The Rottentrolls waited for the person to be their leader, when a local boy accidentally becomes king of the Rottentrolls.

The series follows Roger and his sister Kate on their adventures around Troller's Ghyll with the Rottentrolls.

A comedy series for children, shown on ITV, involving both puppets and live actors. Roger and the Rottentrolls was very successful, picking up the BAFTA for "Best Children's Entertainment Show" in 1996.

There were four series in all, from 1996-2000, comprising 36 episodes.


  • The Humans
    • King Roger - Roger Becket
    • Princess Kate - Roger's little sister
    • Narrator

  • The Rottentrolls
    • Yockenthwaite - A daft Rottentroll
    • Aysgarth - The oldest and wisest Rottentroll
    • Penyghent - An artistic female Rottentroll
    • Kettlewell - The Cook
    • Askrigg - A Rottentroll obsessed with sport
    • Blacksyke - She becomes Prime Minister of the Rottentrolls, a sinister character
    • Trucklecrag - A failed wizard
    • Little Strid - Kettlewell's daughter, youngest of the Rottentrolls
    • The Nab Twins - Teenage Rottentrolls, members of a band called Cattlegrid
    • Sigsworthy Crags - An insane failed inventor
    • Ripley and Scuff - Askrigg's sons

Rottentroll names are all corruptions of places in Yorkshire, near Troller's Ghyll.

  • The Others
    • Commander Harris - Master of JimJamYAHA! The mascot for the King's Own Fusiliers in North Korea
    • Barguest - A monster that lives in the caves under Troller's Ghyll

Cast & Credits

Created by: George Firth and Tim Firth
Written by: Tim Firth
Directed by: Julian Kemp


Two spin-off shows were created from The Rottentrolls.

  • Ripley and Scuff - A pre-school series, following three of the Rottentrolls
  • Combat Sheep - Originally an half-hour Christmas special for BBC2, with Commander Harris leading an A-Team comprised of sheep. A film is under way with Miramax.



Roger and the Rottentrolls - State Of Emergency
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Roger and the Rottentrolls - Combat Without Contact
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