The Riddlers

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The Riddlers

The Riddlers was a childrens TV show made by Yorkshire Televison and broadcast on CITV between 1986 and 1996.

The show focused upon Miss Majorie Dawe and two Riddlers (Mossop and Tiddler) who lived in a well in her back garden at Riddleton End. They were often joined by Marjorie's nextdoor neighbour, Mr Grimley (the chimney sweep).

Riddler's are small creatures whose main aim in life is to "riddle things out". They have the ability to magically transport themselves to anywhere they want. At times Mossop and Tiddler would also transport Marjorie and Mr Grimley with them. Tiddler was not the real name of the younger riddler, but a title given to young apprentice Riddlers. In order to achieve full Riddler status, the young Ridlers' training would include being told stories and having to 'riddle out' the moral of the story. Once full Riddler status was achieved, the young Riddler's would attend a graduation ceremony where they would receive their real name.


  • Miss Marjorie Dawe- Owner of the cottage in Riddleton End.
  • Mr Grimley- Marjorie Daw's neighbour.
  • Mossop- Older and wiser Riddler
  • Tiddler- Younger, more inexperienced Riddler
  • Middler- Another young Tiddler who also appeared in the show.



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