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The Ink Thief was shown in 1994 on Children's ITV and consisted of seven episodes. The series was produced by Tynes Tees Television (TTTV) and starred the eponymous character The Ink Thief (played by Richard O'Brien) as the villain who is aided by Aloysius and Toddy, two bad bumps. Jim and Samantha discover a desolate toy shop in their new hometown of leaf, the toy shop leads them into the world of the bumps - figment's of one's imagination. The Ink Thief tricks Jim into helping him become real so he can change the world for the better but all the thief wants is power created from his machine that turns imagination into power.

Sam meanwhile enlists help in rescuing her brother Jim from Miz Tiggle (played by Joyce Springer) who looks after her fellow bumps in the library with her faithful pet Dog bump (played by Toyah Willcox).

When the Ink Thief starts putting bumps into his machine to create power Miz Tiggle, Lorni Snoop and Sam must find the four bumps of the aplopolypse (Earth, Water, Cheese and Air) to join forces and destroy the Ink Thief.


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The Series

Episode Title Airdate and Description
Episode 1
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  • Hello Kiddies
  • 20 July 1994

Sam and Jim arrive at their new home in the town of leaf and whilst exploring the area they come across a seemingly abandoned toy shop but when Sam looks in she sees a claw. Underneath the toyshop there is a world inhabited by the bumps who are looked after by Miz Tiggle. There is one bad bump called the Ink Thief who is trying to become real by drinking power made from his machine. The Ink Thief has two hench-bumps working for him, Aloysius and Toddy. When Sam and Jim follow Toddy into the lair they get trapped by The Ink Thief. Miz Tiggle rescues them and she leads them out of the toyshop and it disappears. As Miz Tiggle explains 'it is something to do with dimensions'.

Episode 2
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  • Strange Books
  • 27 July 1994

Jim is lured back by The Ink Thief by promise of a book that could cure the world's hunger forever. Sam goes to rescue him but gets found by Dog who takes her to the library to Miz Tiggle and the bumps. Miz Tiggle, Sam and Dog study the strange books to find out what The Ink Thief is planning.

Episode 3
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  • Nasty and the Oob
  • 03 August 1994

Miz Tiggle gets Sam to learn about The Ink Thief in the library so she knows what she has to do to save Jim. They travel through the ages to see previous Ink Thieves who used to help children. Miz Tiggle enlists the help of the Oob (Official Organisation of Bumps) to decide how to deal with the renegade Ink Thief who is growing in power as Jim begins to aid the Ink Thief.

Episode 4
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  • Earth, Water, Cheese and Air
  • 10 August 1994

Miz Tiggle plans an adventure to find the four bumps of the aplopolypse who will be able to neutralise the Ink Thief's power. The Ink Thief plans to stop them at any cost. Miz Tiggle explains that once they have found the four bumps they will also need the catalyst so they go off to find them leaving dog protecting the library. When The Ink Thief runs out of power, Aloysius starts capturing bumps and feeding them into the Ink Thief's machine.

Episode 5
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  • Earth + Water = Muddle
  • 17 August 1994

Miz Tiggle, Sam and Lorni land in the Earth world. Jim is worried that The Ink Thief is using ower as quickly as he can make it so Aloysius and Toddy must capture more bumps from the Oob. Rock joins Miz Tiggle, Sam and Lorni and their search continues to find water after being chased by The Ink Thief. Dog discovers that many of the bumps have been taken from the library. Rock finds and enlists the help of Water.

Episode 6
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  • Cheese and Balloony
  • 24 August 1994

Dog decides to go and find Miz Tiggle for help. On the cheese-scape, the try to find Cheese but Cheese finds them first and stars throwing cheese at them. When Dog falls from the skies and knocks cheese down, The Ink Thief tries to attack them but gets scared off by Miz Tiggle but then Dog disappears. Dog then gets captured by The Ink Thief, Toddy and Aloysius. Miz Tiggle and Sam go to the Air World and meet Hot Air of the Air Academy. Rock, Storm, Cheese and Lorni go back to the library. The Ink Thief and Jim reach the Air World and knock out the Air bump out of the sky and towards Miz Tiggle and Sam. Lorni goes to rescue Dog but as Dog escapes the Ink Thief turns Lorni into a toy.

Episode 7
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  • Can This Really Be the End
  • 31 August 1994

Miz Tiggle and Sam must find the Catalyst, a Cat bump, with the help of Dog. The Ink Thief and Sam follow them to try and stop them. The Big Balloonie is captured by Toddy and fed into the machine but she doesn't get turned into power. Miz Tiggle works out that Toddy is the catalyst that is needed so they try to lure him to the library with some fish but Dog scares him away. Sam sneaks out to rescue Jim but gets caught by The Ink Thief but when Jim realises that The Ink Thief is evil he runs away with Sam.


Theme Tune


"Welcome to the real world,
is this what you wanted,
is this how you thought it would be,
step out of the real world,
is this what you dreamed of,
you thought it would be so easy,
welcome to the real world,
welcome to the real world,
welcome to the real world,
welcome to the real world..."


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