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In order to research The Great Disaster that destroyed the northern hemisphere in the year 2500, the people of the year 3000 build a time machine to go back and find out what went wrong. Unfortunately, something went wrong.

When Tulista returns from her exploratory mission, Silverthorn, a mercenary from the 26th century comes back with her held captive. Alana, a 13 year old girl, Tulista's student, rushes to help her, but is caught by Silverthorn and taken captive instead. Unable to match the weapondry of the future, Silverthorn retreats inside the Time Capsule and goes back in time to 1990 (1992 in the Telemovie version).

The Time Capsule damaged, Alana flees and happens upon Jenny Kelly who befriends her and aids her to fit in to 1990's life in Australia and in her ultimate quest to get home.

The Girl From Tomorrow was created by Film Australia, and comprised 12x25 minute episodes, made in Australia in 1990 and broadcast on the Nine Network. It was broadcast on CBBC in 1992, and was exceptionally popular.


  • Alana - a girl from the year 3000
  • Jenny Kelly - her friend, from 1990's Australia
  • Petey Kelly - Jenny's younger brother
  • Irene Kelly - Jenny's mother
  • James Rooney - Jenny's school teacher and love interest for her mother
  • Silverthorn - a mercenary from the year 2500
  • Eddie - Silverthorn's sidekick
  • Tulista - Alana's teacher and a time traveller from the year 3000
  • Bruno - Head of the time capsule project
  • Arva - Head of the World Government in the year 3000

Cast & Credits

Written by: Mark Shirrefs & John J. Thomson
Directed by: Kathy Mueller

The Sequel: Tomorrow's End

A year later, in 1991 (1993 in the UK), a sequel comprising another 12 episodes was released entitled "The Girl From Tomorrow Part Two: Tomorrow's End".

This picks up from the end of the first series. Jenny Kelly and Silverthorn have returned with Alana to the year 3000, as they were both seriously injured and needed the medical treatment available in the future.

Whilst there the scientists discover that their actions in time-travel have altered history and caused grave problems. Alana and Lorien return Silverthorn and Jenny to their own times and then return to the year 3000, only to find that the southern hemisphere was also destroyed in The Great Disaster. They return to 2500 and find that time unaltered, so they know it must be something Silverthorn does.

The series follows their attempts to stop Silverthorn altering history and combating GlobeCorp, an all controlling big brother corporation that owns the authoritarian dystopia that is the world of 2500.

Cast & Credits (Series 2)

Most of the cast remained unchanged, though there were a number of new characters, which included:

Produced and Directed by: Noel Price

Theme Tune

Composed by Ian Davidson.



The Girl From Tomorrow is only available in Australia at present, the DVDs are PAL encoded and appear to be Region 0 encoded, so play on UK players.

Shock Records manufacture and distribute the DVDs and do post internationally. The shows were initially released in "Telemovie" format, which is edited and cut down from the initial 12 episodes (~300 minutes) to a single 104 minute film. However, the full first series in episodic format was released on 18th September 2006, and the second series, Tomorrow's End, was released in full on the 5th May 2007.

The Girl From Tomorrow: Entire First Series (Region 0)
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The Girl From Tomorrow "Telemovie" (Region 0)
The Girl From Tomorrow Telemovie R4.jpg
The Girl From Tomorrow Part Two: Tomorrow's End (Full Series) (Region 0)
The Girl From Tomorrow Series 2 Tomorrows End.jpg
The Girl From Tomorrow Part Two: Tomorrow's End "Telemovie" (Region 0)
The Girl From Tomorrow Tomorrows End Telemovie R4.jpg


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