The Bluffers

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The Bluffers was a cartoon from 1986 originally from the Netherlands and shown here on Channel 4 about some forest creatures in their fight against the evil Clandestino.

"Bluffunia was once a beautiful land before the crazed maniac Clandestino took over Clandestino turned that beautiful place, into this. Why? Because Clandestino is afraid the Bluffers will get his secret - the secret of getting it all!"


Character Information from Wikipedia


  • Zock (short for Zocrates), a wise old owl wearing a toga and a laurel wreath. Zock is a fatherly advisor to the Bluffers (i.e., the animal denizens of the last remaining forest in Bluffoonia), and the keeper of the encyclopedic Book of All Knowledge. His name is a take-off of Socrates.
  • Zipper, a fast-running blue squirrel with a love of adventure; he's led a number of raids into Clandestino's castle.
  • Blossom, a pink mouse with a head of orange hair. Her romantic feelings for Zipper are well-known, but he doesn't seem to be as eager as she is.
  • Honey Boy, a simple-minded brown bear whose pet bee's are always flying around his head.
  • Sharpy, a red fox who likes to outwit others for his own gain. He feels that lying, cheating, and stealing are what "real foxes" do, although he tends not to do these very successfully.
  • Regal Eagle, an eagle (although he looks more like a buzzard) who talks and thinks like a soldier.
  • Ginseng, a goose who specializes in brewing herbal remedies. She is named after the plant ginseng.
  • Prickly Pine, a red-quilled porcupine who's always ready for a fight; he's able to project his quills with pinpoint accuracy, and he never seems to run out of them.
  • Psycho, a snake with limited psychic powers; e.g., he was once used as a metal detector. When speaking, he adds an audible "P" to words that contain an "S" sound; e.g., "p'sad" and "p'certainly."


  • Clandestino, a bloated, hunchbacked human; he's the totalitarian ruler of Bluffoonia. He lives in a fortress-like castle, the dungeon of which contains his precious "Secret of Getting It All" which is the source of his power.
  • Sillycone, Clandestino's robot butler; he is smarter than his master and seems to possess no malice, but he serves Clandestino faithfully.

Other characters

  • Glum, Clandestino's watchdog; his sympathies lie with the Bluffers, but he doesn't dare to openly rebel against his master because he doesn't want to lose his home in the castle.
  • Two unnamed rabbits—one tall and thin, one short and fat—who are sometimes seen in the musical segments, but not in the stories.

Theme Song

You're just a bluffer, a candle snuffer,
Can't get enough of your dreams.
A huff and puffer, a pillow stuffer,
You're bound to suffer it seems.
Your head is full of schemes,
To turn the world around.
But all your fancy dreams
Are from the lost and found.
Are from the lost and found.


Unfortunately no Bluffers merchandise is available. Some official VHS casettes were released in the late 1980's and some may still be avalable on auction sites such as eBay.


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