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Rentaghost Title

Originally titled Second Chance, but fortunately renamed before transmission to appeal more to children, Rentaghost was a pantomine style comedy, complete with pantomine horse, revolving around a house of ghosts-for-hire. Available to spook or scare people, or perform all those little tasks that only a ghost can do.

Bob Block, the creator and writer of the show, was originally commissioned to create 5 episodes, but it was so popular that eventually 58 episodes were made and broadcast on BBC1, over 9 series and one Christmas Special, from 1975-1984, with audiences peaking at nearly 10 million viewers.


  • The Three Original Ghosts
    • Timothy Claypole - A medieval jester
    • Hubert Davenport - An Edwardian gentleman
    • Fred Mumford - A recently deceased young man

  • The Other Occult
    • Hazel the McWitch - A Scottish Witch
    • Tamara Novek - A Scandinavian ghost, with an allergy to flowers
    • Nadia Popov - Tamara's cousin, with the same allergy
    • Dobbin - An animated pantomine horse
    • Catastrophe Kate - An American ghost from the Wild West
    • Adam Painting - Owner of a department store the ghosts worked at
    • Susie Starlight - A fairy godmother
    • Queen Matilda - Claypole's Queen when he served at Court
    • Bernie St John - An animated pantomine dragon
    • Whatisname Smith - A hopeless ghost, that no one could remember

  • The Others
    • Harold Meaker - The Ghosts landlord
    • Ethel Meaker - Harold's wife
    • Mr Mumford - Fred's father
    • Mrs Mumford - Fred's mother
    • Arthur Perkins - The Ghosts next-door neighbour
    • Rose Perkins - Arthur's wife
    • Aunt Mable - The Perkin's Aunt

Cast & Credits

Written by: Bob Block
Directed by: Paul Ciani, David Crichton and Jeremy Swan
Produced by: Paul Ciani and Jeremy Swan

Theme Tune

Michael Staniforth (Timothy Claypole in the series) originally wrote and sung the theme tune.

There were multiple versions of this theme, a more comprehensive list can be found on The Rentaghost Homepage.


If your mansion house needs haunting,
Just call... Rentaghost!
We've got spooks and ghouls and freaks and fools,
At... Rentaghost!
Hear the Phantom of the Opera,
Sing a haunting melody.
Remember what you see is not a mystery,
But... Rentaghost!

At your party be a smarty
And hire... Rentaghost!
If you want a fright,
Climb the spooky heights,
With... Rentaghost!
You can let our spirits move you,
And for fun play ghostman's knock,
Because we aim to shock,
We hope your knees will knock.
That's... Rentaghost!

Let me say the most terrific,
simple ghost, not scientific,
Maybe supernatural ghouls of the day.
Heavy footsteps in your attic,
Means a spectre telepathic,
Is descending just to spirit you away.

We are extraordinary fellas here at...
To be another Uri Geller,
Come to... RRRRentaghost!
For a biography we've ghost writers,
And not forgetting a ghost script.
An apparition quipped, From deep inside a crypt...
Ring Rentaghost!
An apparition quipped,
From deep inside a crypt...
Ring Rentaghost!

Ha ha ha ha ha...



So far, only the first season of Rentaghost, comprising the first 5 episodes has been released on DVD. That release was in 2001 however, and seems to have been deleted. There are also apparently many copyright issues affecting many episodes, so there may not be anymore.

Rentaghost - The Complete First Series
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