Record Breakers

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Long-running programme based on the Guinness Book of Records and hosted for the greater part of its run by Roy Castle with the book's editor Norris McWhirter (co-founder Ross McWhirter also appeared until his assassination by the IRA in 1975).

A regular feature was "Norris on the Spot", in which the studio audience quizzed McWhirter, Mastermind-style, on his recall of specific world records. Each episode ended with a world record attempt in the studio.

Fiona Kennedy co-hosted in the early 1980s, replaced in 1987 by Cheryl Baker. Ron Reagan Jr was the show's US correspondent from 1990 onwards. After Castle's death in 1994, Kriss Akabusi was drafted in to replace him.

Linford Christie took over as host in 1997, at which point the show (now without McWhirter) was re-titled Linford's Record Breakers and moved out of the studio. Despite Christie's rather wooden performance as host (which didn't get any better as time went on), he remained at the helm for four series. In 2001, the 30th and last series was hosted by the ever-reliable Jez Edwards with Fearne Cotton and, for some reason, Shovell from the dance group M-People, a line-up that was an improvement but not enough to prevent the show from being quietly dropped at the end of its run.