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Pigeon Street was first shown on BBC1 / BBC2 in 1981. It was a series of 13 animated adventures each lasting about 15 minutes. The adventures concerned the people and animals of Pigeon Street, a row of terraced houses with many pigeons living on the rooftops.

The 13 shows were initially split into two "seasons". The first eight episodes were originally aired from February 10th to March 31th 1981 and the last five episodes were originally broadcast from November 19th to December 17th 1981, following on from a re-run of the first eight episodes.


  • Bob - Owns some Pigeons and takes part in competitions. He owns the bike shop "Bob's Bikes". Reg is his brother who he lives with.
  • Reg - Brother of Bob. He works in the park and is married to Doreen.
  • Doreen - Wife of Reg. Loves ballroom dancing.
  • William - Local window cleaner, married to Betty.
  • Betty - Wife of William.
  • Jim - Son of William and Betty.
  • Clara - Long Distance Clara is a lorry driver and married to Hugo the chef.
  • Hugo - Local chef. Married to Clara.
  • Mr Jupiter - Astronomer and is always carrying his telescope. He has a dog called Flash.
  • Flash - Mr Jupiter's dog.
  • Mr Baskerville - He is a detective and is always carrying his magnifying glass. He has a dog called Watson. He lives on the 13th floor of Skyrise Court flats.
  • Watson - Mr Baskerville's pet dog.
  • Daisy - Lives nextdoor to Rose. She loves feeding the Pigeons on her window sill.
  • Rose - Lives nextdoor to Daisy. She scares the Pigeons away.
  • Doctor Glossop - Married to Mrs Glossop. They have 3 children- Molly, Polly and Gerald.
  • Mrs Glossop - Married to Doctor Glossop.
  • Molly and Polly Glossop - Twin sisters and daughters of Doctor and Mrs Glossop.
  • Gerald Glossop - Oldest child of Doctor and Mrs Glossop, elder brother of Molly and Polly Glossop. He enjoys palying the saxaphone.
  • Mr Macadoo - Owns the local petshop.
  • Mrs Patel

Cast & Credits

Voices were by George Layton, with additional voices by John Telfer.

Written by: Michael Cole
Directed by: Alan Rogers
Animation by: Peter Lang
Produced by: David Yates

Theme Tune

Music was by Benni Lees, and played by Soulyard.

Video Intro


If you lived in Pigeon Street,
Here are the people you could meet.
Here are the people who would say,
Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye,
Every day

If you lived in Pigeon Street,
Here are the people you could meet.
Here are the people who would share
The sights, the sounds, the air, where...
Pigeons beat, their wings, wings beat.
Pigeons beat, their wings, wings beat.

To meet in Pigeon Street.



No DVDs have yet been released, Alan Rogers (Director) said in an interview that he was in discussion with the BBC to release it. There is a petition for its release.


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