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Penny Crayon was a childrens' television series created by Peter Maddocks and was produced for the BBC in the 1980's. The series was first shown between September 1989 and October 1990. 12 episodes were made in total.

Penny was a young school girl who loved to draw pictures with her special magic crayons. These pictures always came to life and led Penny and her friend Dennis, on some crazy adventures! Panny's drawings would often be used to cause trouble or used as a means of escaping tricky situations.

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Episode Guide

  • Episode 1.Tower of London
  • Episode 2.Cookery Class
  • Episode 3.Circus Lion
  • Episode 4.Amusement Park
  • Episode 5.Waxworks
  • Episode 6.Pantomime
  • Episode 7.Haunted House
  • Episode 8.Silly Daydream
  • Episode 9.Camping Holiday
  • Episode 10.Treasure Hunt
  • Episode 11.Dickens of a Mess
  • Episode 12.Dog Show


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