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In 1975 Paddington first appeared on the television, made by FilmFair in the UK. The TV series used a technique of combining a three-dimensional Paddington puppet with two-dimensional backgrounds and other characters. Both the puppet and the technique were designed by Ivor Wood.

56 episodes were made in total, along with 3 half-hour specials, from 1975 to 1984.


  • Paddington Bear - Named after the London station where he was found. He arrived as a stowaway from deepest, darkest Peru.
  • Aunt Lucy - Aunt Lucy is the only relative known of Paddington. Paddington always writes to his Aunt Lucy to tell her how his adventures are going.
  • Mr and Mrs Brown - They take care of Paddington. They found him in Paddington Station.
  • Jonathan and Judy Brown - Son and daughter of Mr and Mrs Brown and temporary brother and sister to Paddington.
  • Mr. Grubber - Mr. Grubber likes to do everything with Paddington because he really enjoys being with him. He treats Paddington like a son.
  • Mrs. Bird - Elderly lady who lives in the same house as the Browns but they are not related in any way. Mrs. Bird cares a lot for Paddington since he has joined the family.


Theme Tune

Original music on the show was by Alfred Bradley, Herbert Chappell and Brenda Johnson.



Paddington Bear - Please Look After This Bear
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Paddington Bear - Too Much Off The Top
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Paddington Bear - Hits The Jackpot
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