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Knightmare was a Children's gameshow created by Tim Child and shown on ITV centered around a medieval castle. It featured advanced virtual reality style gameplay which was at the time quite groundbreaking for a childrens show.

Knightmare now has a huge cult following, especially on the internet and many campaigns have been launched to try and get the show released on DVD. In total there were 112 Shows over 8 series. The series can currently be seen on Challenge TV in the UK.


  • Life Force - The Life Force showed the contestants their energy status, this could be re-fueled by collecting food. When under attack the Life Force was drained and the colour turned red with the more damage caused. The Life Force also showed the contestants how much time the had left.
  • Treguard - The dungeon master, played by Hugo Myatt for the entire series. Treguard's job was to assist the contentants and their helpers wherever he could.

New Pilot

Knightmare VR

A new version of the programme was made in 2002 under Tim Child's company Televirtual set in a fully computer generated world using avatar technology. Some clips along with a 13 minute pilot were released in 2003 and the show was given a £40,000 grant from the National Lottery but the project was shelved in 2005. There is no word yet on whether another pilot will be made.

Knightmare Overseas

Several versions were made in other countries including a French version in 1990 (Le Chevalier du Labyrinthe) and a Spanish version (El Rescate del Talisman) in 1991. A US pilot version was also made but never went into production.


Unfortunately no VHS or DVD releases have been made of Knightmare, although a series of books were released during the show's run. The books were:

  • Can You Beat the Challenge? (1988)
  • The Labyrinths of Fear (1989)
  • Fortress of Assassins (1990)
  • The Sorcerer's Isle (1991)
  • The Forbidden Gate (1992)
  • The Dragon's Lair (1993)
  • Lord Fear's Domain (1994)

There was also a Knightmare video game for the Spectrum, Atari ST and Commodore 64, and a board game produced by MB Games.


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