Jamie and the Magic Torch

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Night-time in a quiet, suburban street. In one of the houses, it's bedtime... "Sleep well, Jamie", his mum calls, and our hero drifts off to sleep. Well, not quite. You see, Jamie had a magic torch - and in each episode of this classic series, Jamie and his dog Wordsworth enjoyed amazing adventures - and no-one even noticed they were gone!

Wordsworth was the guardian of the torch and he appeared from under Jamie's bed during the title sequence of each episode. By shining the torch on his bedroom floor Jamie opened up a link with a very strange new world. Through a hole in the floor Jamie and Wordsworth slid down a colourful helter skelter, and at the other end they would arrive in Cuckoo Land - popping out from the bottom of a tree onto a conveniently-placed trampoline.


  • Jamie
  • Wordsworth
  • Mr. Boo
  • Officer Gotcha
  • Strumpers Plunkett
  • Wellybob the cat
  • Jo-Jo Help
  • Nutmeg the ragdoll

Written and Narrated by: Brian Trueman
Directed by: Keith Scoble
Produced by: Brian Cosgrove & Mark Hall

Theme Tune

The theme song was composed by Joe Griffiths, and sung by Tim Brooke-Taylor.


Jamie! Jamie!
Jamie and the Magic Torch.
Down the helter skelter, faster and faster,
Towards Cuckoo Land.

Wordsworth! Wordsworth!
Following hard behind.
Ready for adventure, always there to lend a paw
...or hand!

Mr Boo and all the others too,
The strangest people you've ever seen.
And the torch with its magical beam -
If I hadn't really been there,
I'd think that I was dreaming!

Jamie! Jamie!
No two nights are the same.
Life is one long glorious game,
with Jamie.
Jamie and the Magic Torch!
[Yeah! Switch On!]



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