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Huxley Pig Title

Huxley Pig was a stop-motion animated childrens programme from the late 1980's. It was based on the books by Rodney Peppe.

Huxley Pig was a cheeful pig who always dreamed of adventures. In his dreams he would always be accompanied by his best friend Sam Seagull (who would be able to talk). His dreams would often involve the same few characters: Horace, Vincent and Cuddles.

Characters and Credits

  • Huxley Pig- Star of the show.
  • Sam Seagull- Huxley's best friend
  • Horace- hamster, who has little time for Huxley's bright and breezy attitude.
  • Vincent- Vampire pig-butler.
  • Cuddles- Fanged, green monster.

Voices by: Martin Jarvis
Created by: Rodney Peppe


  • Huxley Pig And The Sea Monster
  • Huxley Pig Goes Camping
  • Huxley Pig And The Burglar
  • Huxley Pig Goes Flying
  • Huxley Pig In The Haunted House
  • Huxley Pig's Cinderella
  • Huxley Pig On A Desert Island
  • Huxley Pig In Space
  • Huxley Pig Makes A Movie
  • Huxley Pig Goes Fishing
  • Huxley Pig At The Circus
  • Huxley Pig The Magician
  • Huxley Pig At The Restaurant
  • Huxley Pig The Reporter
  • Huxley Pig Goes Skiing
  • Huxley Pig's Home Movie
  • Huxley Pig And The Village Fete
  • The Snow Pig
  • Stoneage Huxley
  • Huxley Pig At The Beach
  • Huxley Pig Meets The Snow Monster
  • Huxley Pig At The Big Top

Theme Tune


A new dream every day, Huxley Pig
oink oink

Who ya gonna be today, Huxley Pig?
oink oink

A suitcase full of clothes,
Everybody knows,
When you're dressed in your Sunday best,
Anything goes.

A new dream every day, Huxley Pig
oink oink

Who ya gonna be today, Huxley Pig?
oink oink

Sam is here to play,
Food is never far away.
A new dream every day, Huxley Pig
oink oink

A new dream every day.....Huxley Pig
oink oink



Huxley Pig: Huxley Pig At The Circus
(5 episodes)
Huxley Pig Huxley At The Circus.jpg


Huxley Pig: Something Cooking
(5 episodes)
Huxley Pig Something Cooking.jpg



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