He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

On the planet of Eternia, King Randor rules with his wife Queen Marlena, and their son Prince Adam.

Prince Adam has special powers that allow him to summon the powers of Castle Grayskull to transform into He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe.

With the aid of his allies, He-Man defends Eternia against the forces of Skeletor.

He-Man was created by Filmation, based around a toy-line by Mattel called "Masters of the Universe". Two series were produced from 1983 to 1985, comprising 130 episodes, split into two 65-episode series.

The series was exceptionally popular and a spin-off series, She-Ra: Princess of Power, was created to appeal to a wider (and more female) audience.


  • For Good
    • He-Man/Prince Adam
    • BattleCat/Cringer - He-Man's brave companion and ride. Cringer's bravery is quite opposite to his alter-ego.
    • The Sorceress (and Zoar) - Guardian of Castle Grayskull, gave He-Man his powers. She transforms in to the falcon Zoar to leave the castle.
    • King Randor - Adam's father, King of Eternia
    • Queen Marlena - Adam's mother, Queen of Eternia
    • Man-At-Arms (Duncan) - Mentor to Adam, an inventor and senior in the Royal Guard
    • Orko - A bumbling magician from the world of Trolla
    • Teela - Captain of the Royal Guard, Man-At-Arms' adopted daughter, really the daughter of The Sorceress
    • Stratos - Leader of the Bird People in the Kingdom of Avion
    • Ram-Man - A short stocky man, attacked like a battering ram with his head
    • Man-E-Faces - A camouflage expert, able to change his appearence and abilities
    • Buzz-Off - A bee-like creature from a race called the Andreenids
    • Mekaneck - Has an extendable neck
    • Fisto - Strong warrior, with a large metal right hand
    • Roboto - Robotic warrior, built by Man-At-Arms
    • Dree-Elle - Orko's Girlfriend, another Trollan
    • Lizard Man - A small reptilian creature
    • Moss Man - Can control plants and nature
    • Sy-Klone - Can rotate his torso and arms to create winds
    • Zodak - A cosmic enforcer, helping either side to maintain peace

  • For Evil
    • Skeletor
    • Panthor - Skeletor's companion panthor, a counter-part to Battle Cat
    • Evil-Lyn - An evil witch, often Skeletor's second in command
    • Beast-Man - An ape-like henchman, can control wild animals
    • Mer-Man - A merman, part fish, able to control sealife
    • Tri-Klops - A three-eyed cyclops
    • Trap-Jaw - A cyborg, with a large metal jaw
    • Whiplash - A reptilian creature, with a large tail for whipping
    • Kobra Khan - A snake man, able to produce sleeping gas
    • Webstor - A spider-like man, works as a thief
    • Two-Bad - A two-headed warrior, the heads often argued with each other
    • Clawful - A giant crab-like man
    • Screeech - A robotic bird, created by Skeletor
    • Spikor - Covered in spikes, with a trident for an arm
    • Strongarm - Has a strong metal fist, at the end of an extendable arm
    • Modulok (Galen Nycroft) - A mad scientist, able to transform his body
    • Count Marzo - A powerful sorcerer, who wants to take over Eternia
    • Evilseed - An evil plant-controlling character

Cast & Credits

Written by: Lawrence (Larry) G. DiTillo and J. Michael Straczynski
Additional Writting by: Paul Dini, Robby London, J. Brynne Stevens, Bob Forward, Robert Lamb, and many others
Creative Consultancy by: Arthur H. Nadel
Produced by: Lou Scheimer and Norm Prescott

A full credits list can be found at He-Man.org.

Theme Tune

The theme tune was by Shuki Levi, Haim Saban and Erika Lane.



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