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Grotbags with Croc, and Rod 'n' Emu

A spin-off from Rod Hull's "Emu's Pink Windmill Show", which was aired on ITV from 1991 to 1993.

The show essentially extended Grotbags' section on Emu's Pink Windmill Show, set mainly within her grotto with her assitant, Croc. She would have children in from the audience to compete in games and tasks and give them prizes if they did well.

Rod and Emu were not part of the series.

It is a little known fact that prior to her extensive TV work, Carol had a successful career as a singer on the international cabaret circuit and released a single in 1974 entitled 'That Little Bit Of Love'. There is a CD available and an interview with Carol on


Other characters included: Colin the Bat, Norman Nettle, Dorris the Dodo and Grumble the Cauldron, with Lumpy who lives in Grumble.


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