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Long-running bank holiday filler in which a guest presenter linked clips from Disney films. First broadcast on Christmas Day 1964 (immediately following that other holiday staple, Billy Smart's Circus), the programme typically aired three or four times a year (Christmas, August Bank Holiday and either Easter or Spring Bank Holiday, sometimes both). Sometimes the guest presenter would have a Disney connection themselves, and would in this case invariably include a clip of themselves (Peter Ustinov appeared in 1968 principally to promote "Blackbeard's Ghost"), but mostly it was people from kids' shows and sitcoms. Some hosts (Keith Harris, Noel Edmonds, Rolf Harris, Penelope Keith) made multiple appearances, though by the late 80s celeb culture was beginning to bite, with the likes of Bros and Frank Bruno turning up to host. Bizarrely, Anne Robinson got to present an episode in 1988, when she wasn't even that famous.

The show's longevity is pretty remarkable, especially considering that it was essentially a puff piece for the Disney Corporation, broadcast on what was supposed to be a non-commercial channel. It also managed, pretty much single-handedly, to give the impression that films such as Cinderella and Robin Hood were constantly on the telly during the 70s and 80s, even though they were never shown in full (and in fact still haven't been, to this day), only in the form of clips.

Episode list

  • 1964: 1 edition (Christmas)
  • 1965: 2 editions (August Bank Holiday, Christmas)
  • 1966: 3 editions (Easter, August, Christmas)
  • 1967: 1 edition (August)
  • 1968: 4 editions: Easter (Peter Ustinov), August (two editions), Christmas
  • 1969: 4 editions
  • 1970: 4 editions
  • 1971: 1 edition (August)
  • 1972: 2 editions (Easter, Christmas)
  • 1973: Roy Castle, Jon Pertwee, Stanley Holloway, Paul and Linda McCartney
  • 1974: Graham Hill, Rod Hull and Emu, Christmas not known
  • 1975: Leslie Crowther, Tom Baker, Bing Crosby
  • 1976: Shari Lewis, Bernard Cribbins, The Goodies
  • 1977: John Craven, Noel Edmonds, Val Doonican, David Jacobs
  • 1978: Cliff Richard, Penelope Keith, Little and Large, Paul Daniels
  • 1979: John Noakes, Isla St. Clair, Jim Davidson, Rod Hull and Emu
  • 1980: Paul Daniels, Mike Yarwood, Jerry Stevens, Marti Caine

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