Deputy Dawg

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Deputy Dawg

In addition to being a bad speller, he was a below average lawman, to put it kindly. More concerned with napping than with bagging the bad guys, the lazy pooch was regularly chewed out by his human boss, the Sheriff, while his friends Muskie the Muskrat, Ty Coon, and Vincent Van Gopher looked on in amusement. It wasn't long, however, before the Deputy would revert to his slothful ways and fall fast asleep.


  • Deputy Dawg
  • Muskie Muskrat - Child
  • Vince van Gopher - Child
  • Sheriff - Dawg's boss

Deputy Dawg and many of the main characters were voiced by Dayton Allen.


Although no official DVD's have been released, there are usually several VHS casettes and other merchandise available on Ebay


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