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This page is about the United States television cartoon Dennis the Menace. For information about the British show of the same name, see Dennis the Menace (UK).
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This program follows the adventures of Dennis. A mischievous little boy who was constantly causing trouble! Especially for his next-door neighbour Mr Wilson! Inspired by a cartoon strip by Hank Ketchum, the show started in 1986 and ran for an amazing 78 episodes!


  • Dennis Mitchell
  • Alice Mitchell - Dennis' mother
  • Henry Mitchell - Dennis' father who works at Trask Engineering
  • Grandpa Johnson
  • Ruff the dog
  • Hotdog the cat
  • Mr. (George Everett) Wilson - Dennis' long-suffering neighbor
  • Mrs. (Martha) Wilson - George's very tolerant, genial wife
  • Joey McDonald - portrayed as younger than Dennis
  • Margaret Wade - usually Dennis' foil, portrayed as more of a typical girl (compared to Gina)
  • Gina Gillotti - portrayed as a tomboy, usually she and Dennis get along well but she has slugged him on occasion
  • John Wilson - George's brother
  • Peebee Kappa - Dennis' nerdy friend who is always inventing things.
  • Jay Weldon
  • Tommy Anderson




Dennis The Menace - Vol. 1

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Dennis The Menace - Vol. 2
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Incredible Dennis The Menace - Vol. 1
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Dennis The Menace - Cruise Control (Region 1)
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Dennis the Menace Songs

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In 1993 a film version of Dennis The Menace was released, written and produced by John Hughes. Starring the legendary Walter Matthau as Mr. Wilson, Mason Gamble as Dennis, Lea Thompson as Dennis' mum Alice Mitchell and Christopher Lloyd playing the villain of the piece, Switchblade Sam.


This film has yet to be released in a region two version, but is available in a region one, NTSC, version.

Dennis The Menace: Special Edition (Region 1)
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