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Cockleshell Bay Title

Cockleshell Bay follows the adventures of Robin and Rosie Cockle in their home of Cockleshell Bay.

Produced by Cosgrove Hall, originally included as short stories on Rainbow. Eight series were made, comprising 104 episodes.


  • The Cockles
    • Robin Cockle
    • Rosie Cockle
    • Dad (Mr. Christopher Cockle) - Runs "The Bucket and Spade" guesthouse with his wife
    • Mum (Mrs. Helen Cockle)
    • Holly Cockle - The twins baby sister

  • Other Residents
    • Mr. Ship (Mr. Shipham)
    • Mrs. (Gran) Routy
    • Mr. Arthur Fingham - Gives children donkey rides on the beach
    • Fury the Donkey - Mr. Fingham's donkey, looked after by Mr. Ship
    • Ben Gunn - A pirate seagull


Written and Narrated by: Brian Trueman
Puppet Design by: Bridget Appleby
Directed by: Jackie Cockle
Produced by: Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall

Theme Tune

Original music on the show was by Ravid (David) Rohl and Stuart J. Wolstenhulme.


There are no lyrics to the opening theme tune, however there is a spoken introduction.

Cockleshell Bay is a town near the sea,
With sunshine and seagulls that screech.
There are shops that sell ices and buckets and spades,
So that children can play on the beach.

There are white painted houses along the sea front,
Where folk come for a quiet holiday.
Where the sky is bright and the winds are light,
And two children stay.

So meet, Robin and Rosie of Cockleshell Bay.


Cockleshell Bay has yet to be released on DVD. There were a small number of Cockleshell Bay VHS releases, though they are long since deleted - but do turn up on eBay sometimes. Some story books accompanying the series were also released.


I Love Cult Kids
(includes an episode of Cockleshell Bay,
The Pirate Seagull (1980))
I Love Cult Kids DVD.jpg



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