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Button Moon followed the adventures of the spoon family, Mr. Spoon, Mrs. Spoon, and Tina Spoon. The show was pretty odd and usually involved the family blasting off in their cardboard box spaceship to fly to Button Moon and have many adventures with the planet's strange inhabitants.

Theme Song

The show's theme tune was composed and performed by Peter Davison and Sandra Dickinson, who were married at the time. They are best known for their roles as Doctor Who and Trillian (from The Hitchhiker's Guide), respectively.


(opening credits)

We're off to Button Moon, we'll follow Mr. Spoon,

Button Moon, Button Moon.

(closing credits)

We've been to Button Moon, we've followed Mr. Spoon,
Button Moon, Button Moon. We've been to Button Moon,

Button Moon x 4 (be back soon) Button Moon.



Button Moon - Adventures on Button Moon

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Cult Kids Classics - (include one episode - A Day Trip To Button Moon)
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