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Bump the Elephant

Bump the Elephant

Bump is a rather young, large and clumsy elephant who keeps bumping into things. Luckily Bump has his friends to help him: Birdie (a little blue bird), Whizzer (a small bike-riding mouse), Munch (a tortoise), McDuff (a dog) and Big Bun and Little Bun (a pair of rabbits).

"Bump" was animated by Charles Mills and Terry Brain (CMTB Animation). Steve Augarde created the very memorable theme tune to the show.

Cast & Credits

  • Executive Producer: Theresa Plummer-Andrews
  • Producer: Dennis Hooper
  • Animation: CMTB Animation
  • Artwork & music: Steve Augarde
  • Narrator: Simon Cadell
  • Stories: Christopher James

Theme Tune


Birdie sings the sweetest things,
Bump The Elephant isn't quite as eloquent
'Cos the sound get's tangled round,
In his trunkety trunk

But every elephant I suppose
Learns to cope with his nose,
In his element as he goes,
Trump Trump Trumpety Trump...

Birdie skips, and never trips,
Bump The Elephant isn't quite as elegant,
'Cos his feet, are not so neat,
Clump Clump Clumpety Clump

But every elephant as he grows,
Learns to keep on his toes
In his element as he goes,
Bump Bump Bumpety Bump... BUMP


Little of Bump has been released on DVD, but there were some VHS releases, which can still be purchased secondhand easily.


Bump - My First DVD
Bump My First DVD.jpg


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