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This is 29, Acacia Road. And this is Eric, the schoolboy who leads an exciting double life. For when Eric eats a banana, an amazing transformation occurs. Eric is Bananaman. Ever alert for the call to action.


  • Graeme Garden - Bananaman, General Blight and Maurice of The Heavy Mob.
  • Bill Oddie - Crow, Chief O'Reilly, Doctor Gloom and the Weatherman.
  • Tim Brooke-Taylor - Eric Twinge, The Narrator, King Zorg of the Nurks, Eddie the Gent, Auntie and Appleman.
  • Jill Shilling - Fiona and any additional female characters, including Eric's cousin Samantha.

The cast list was made up primarily from the cast of The Goodies, the first series being made in 1983, shortly after their long running show came to an end.

Directed by: Terry Ward
Written by: Bernie Kay
Produced by: Trever Bond

Theme Tune

The theme tune was composed by Dave Cooke.

Theme Tune Download (MP3)

Episode list

Series one, Mondays and Fridays starting 3 October 1983.

  1. Bananaman Meets Doctor Gloom
  2. The Big Breakout
  3. Ice Station Zero
  4. Alien Planet
  5. Kidnap Caper
  6. House on Hangman's Hill
  7. Destination Danger
  8. Wall of Death
  9. Jaws of Steel
  10. Banana Kid
  11. Auntie's Back in Town
  12. Tunnel of Terror

Series two, Thursdays weekly from 4 October 1984.

  1. Mystery at the Old Mine
  2. Lost Tribe of the Tapiocas
  3. Trouble at the Mill
  4. Web Of Evil
  5. Mummy's Curse
  6. Final Orbit
  7. Fog of Fear
  8. Tank Full Of Trouble
  9. Double Trouble
  10. The Last Banana
  11. Intergalactic Olympics
  12. The Night Patrol

Series three, Tuesdays from 7 January 1986.

  1. Disaster at Devil's Cove
  2. Night of the Nerks
  3. The Snowman Cometh
  4. The Pirate TV Station
  5. The Battle of the Bridge
  6. Harbour of the Lost Ships
  7. Visibility Zero
  8. Battle of the Century
  9. The Peril of Ping Pong
  10. The Great Air Race
  11. Cavern of the Lost
  12. Clown Capers
  13. Banana Junction
  14. The Crown Jewels Caper
  15. Operation Total

Special: Memory Lane (15 June 1988 on BBC2)



Bananaman - The Ultimate Collection


Bananaman - Series 1


Bananaman - Series 2


Bananaman - Series 3
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