The Adventures of Portland Bill

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The Adventures of Portland Bill Title

The Adventures of Portland Bill revolves around Portland Bill, the lighthouse keeper on Guillemot Rock. Together with his assistants Ross and Cromarty and his little dog, Dogger, they run the lighthouse and help out the people from the village of McGuillycuddy across the bay, which Bill gets to in his rowing boat, The Puffin.

The name Portland Bill is a reference to the lighthouse of the same name in Portland, Dorset. The series was devised by John Grace for FilmFair Ltd in 1983, each episode was about 5 minutes long and they were shown in the lunchtime slot on ITV.


  • Portland Bill - The Lighthouse Keeper
  • Ross - Bill's Assistant
  • Cromarty - Another of Bill's Assistants
  • Dogger - Bill's little dog
  • Eddie Stone - The Shopkeeper, Electrician, Postman, Milkman, Meterman, Policeman and the Mayor
  • Grandma Tiree - Villager that often helps out at Eddie Stone's shop
  • Finisterre - Local farmer, often with his sheep Flotsam and Jetsam or his bull, Boomer
  • Mrs Lundy - Elderly villager living in a little cottage
  • Fastnet - A local Fisherman
  • Gail - Young girl who lives in the village
  • Inspector Ronaldsway - The Lighthouse Inspector
  • Stornaway - A seagull who helps Bill sometimes


Theme Tune

Music on the show was by John Grace and Mik Parsons.


Oh come with me,
To the rolling sea,
While the weather's calm and still.
And we'll have some fun and laughter with
The Adventures of Portland Bill.



The Adventures of Portland Bill - Changeable Weather
(12 episodes)
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The Adventures of Portland Bill - Atmospheric Interference
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