Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

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Visionaries Title

Visionaries is set on the world of Prysmos, a world that used to be very technologically advanced, but then all the technology stopped working and they had to revert to a medieval way of life.

Two groups of knights, The Spectral Knights and The Darkling Lords, discovered a shrine on Iron Mountain where a wizard named Merklynn gave them magical powers in the form of animal totems and power staffs. The totems give them the power to transform into an animal for a short time, whilst the staffs provide a powerful spell - though the staffs have to be recharged after each use at the shrine.

Visionaries only had one series in 1987, comprising 13 24-minute episodes, produced by Sunbow Productions.


  • Merklynn - A great wizard, who controls the shrine of power on Iron Mountain

The Spectral Knights

  • Leoric - Leader of the Spectral Knights
    • Totem: Lion
    • Staff: Wisdom
      "Whispered secrets of a shattered age,
      I summon you, renew this sage."
  • Arzon
    • Totem: Eagle
    • Staff: Knowledge
      "A whim, a thought, and more is sought,
      Awake, my mind, thy will be wrought."
  • Cryotek
    • Totem: Bear
    • Staff: Might
      "Three suns aligned, pour forth their light,
      And fill the archer's bow with might."
  • Witterquick
    • Totem: Cheetah
    • Staff: Near Light Speed
      "Sheathe these feet in the driving gale,
      Make swift these legs, o'er land I sail."
  • Ectar
    • Totem: Fox
    • Vehicle: Lancer Cycle
  • Feryl
    • Totem: Wolf
    • Vehicle: Capture Chariot
  • Galadria
    • Totem: Dolphin

The Darkling Lords

  • Darkstorm - Leader of the Darkling Lords
    • Totem: Mollusc
    • Staff: Decay
      "By what creeps, what crawls, by what does not,
      Let all that grows recede and rot."
  • Cindarr
    • Totem: Gorilla
    • Staff: Destruction
      "By nature's hand, by crafts, by art,
      What once was one, now fly apart."
  • Cravex
    • Totem: Phylot
    • Staff: Fear
      "'O mist-filled pits, dark, dank, unclear,
      Touch all before me with frost-fingered fear."
  • Lexor
    • Totem: Armadillo
    • Staff: Invulnerability
      "The arrows turn, the swords rebel,
      May nothing pierce this mortal shell."
  • Mortdredd
    • Totem: Beetle
    • Vehicle: Sky Claw
  • Reekon
    • Totem: Lizard
    • Vehicle: Dagger Assault
  • Virulina
    • Totem: Shark


Written by: Flint Dille, Doug Booth and Buzz Dixon
Produced by: Anthony Gentile and John Gentile



Visionaries - Knights Of The Magical Light
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Some of the characters and vehicles had action figures released by Hasbro to accompany the series. These were quite popular as they contained holograms on the chest and in accompanying power staffs.

Theme Tune


It is a time when Magic
Is more powerful than Science
And only those who control the Magic,
Control destiny.

They are The Visionairies.

Knights of the Magical Light.
With Magical Powers they fight.

Powers of mind, strength, skill, 'n' speed.
Powers to accomplish the greatest of deeds.

Knights of the Magical Light.


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