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The Storyteller was a live action and puppet series by Jim Henson, retelling various fairy tales told using puppets and actors. All the stories were told seated around a fire by the storyteller (John Hurt) and his canine companion.

Episode List

Series 1

Each half-hour episode was written by Anthony Minghella. Only nine were completed:

  1. "The Soldier and Death"
  2. "Fearnot"
  3. "The Luck Child"
  4. "A Story Short"
  5. "Hans My Hedgehog"
  6. "The Three Ravens"
  7. "Sapsorrow"
  8. "The Heartless Giant"
  9. "The True Bride"

Series 2

Henson later attempted a follow-up, The Storyteller: Greek Myths. Only four episodes of this series were made:

  1. "Daedalus and Icarus"
  2. "Orpheus and Eurydice"
  3. "Perseus and the Gorgon"
  4. "Theseus and the Minotaur"


The first series has been released on Region 2 DVDs, although these are now discontinued, they can usually be found on eBay.

Region 1

The series has recently (May 2006) been made available again to buy on Region 1 DVD.

The Storyteller: The Definitive Collection
The StoryTeller Definitive Collection DVD.jpg

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Two versions of the Storyteller book were released, the book is based on short stories written by Anthony Minghella. These are quite rare but can sometimes be found on eBay. The two different versions contained the same text, although the first book was illustrated by Stephen Morley, and the second by Darcy May.

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