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The T-Bag series ran for a total of of 94 episodes from 1985 to 1992, over 13 stories. T-Bag was an evil witch who depended on cups of tea served by her loyal T-Caddy, T-Shirt, to give her magic power.

Throughout the series T-Bag would take up residence in an object in an old curiosity shop (throughout the series these included a board game, a story book, a musical box, an old TV set and an ornamental teapot). T-Bag would then take over the world in which she now resided and often ousted someone to make her new T-Room.

T-Bag would then kidnap Thomas from the shop, she would then put a spell on him to put him in her power. But T-Bag's downfall would be in a girl who comes into the shop and gets transported into the world of T-Bag. The girl would then have to collect certain items from the different lands (in different episodes) and return these items back to their rightful place to destroy T-Bag and bring peace back to the world.

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Series Guide

# Title Screen Series Title Broadcast Year
1 T-Bag Wonders in Letterland.jpg Wonders in Letterland 1985
2 T-Bag T-Bag Strikes Again.jpg T-Bag Strikes Again 1986
3 T-Bag Bounces Back.jpg T-Bag Bounces Back 1987
4 T-Bag Turn on to T-Bag.jpg Turn on to T-Bag 1988
5 T-Bag T-Bags Christmas Cracker.jpg T-Bag's Christmas Cracker 1988
6 T-Bag T-Bag and the Revenge of the T-Set.jpg T-Bag and the Revenge of the T-Set 1989
7 Tbag christmascarollogo.jpg T-Bag's Christmas Carol 1989
8 T-Bag T-Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom.jpg T-Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom 1990
9 Tbag christmasdingdonglogo.jpg T-Bag's Christmas Ding Dong 1990
10 T-Bag T-Bag and the Rings of Olympus.jpg T-Bag and the Rings of Olympus 1991
11 Tbag christmasturkeylogo.jpg T-Bag's Christmas Turkey 1991
12 T-Bag T-Bag and the Sunstones of Montezuma.jpg T-Bag and the Sunstones of Montezuma 1992
13 T-Bag Take Off with T-Bag.jpg Take Off with T-Bag 1992


In May 2010 Revelation Films confirmed a DVD first series of T-Bag was to be released in November 2010 with further series to follow. In November 2010 Revelation Films confirmed series two (T-Bag Strikes Again) for release in January 2011, series three (T-Bag Bounces Back) for May 2011 and series four (Turn On To T-Bag) for August 2011.

There is currently a petition on the web for the release of all nine T-Bag series on DVD, you can view and sign the petition here: Bring T-Bag Out On DVD Petition.

The T-Bag Reunion DVD

There is currently a T-Bag Reunion DVD available featuring interviews with many of the main cast and crew of the show. You can order the T-Bag reunion DVD at Fantom Films.



T-Bag Series One - Trouble With T-Bag/Wonders In Letterland
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T-Bag Series Two - T-Bag Strikes Again
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T-Bag Series Three - T-Bag Bounces Back
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T-Bag Series Four - Turn On To T-Bag


T-Bag Series Five - T-Bag and The Revenge of The T. Set


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