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She-Ra Logo

"For the honor of Grayskull... I am She-Ra!"

She-Ra is He-Man's twin sister, Princess Adora.

She leads a rebellion on the planet of Etheria, which is ruled by the evil Hordak (Skeletor's old master), assisted by her horse Spirit that transforms into the winged unicorn Swift Wind and her band of rebels in the Whispering Woods.

Her base is the Crystal Castle, home of Light Hope, her mentor and guide, which appears as a magical entity composed of light.

She-Ra was created as a spin-off series from He-Man, trying to provide a female counterpart to He-Man, a heroine for girls to look up to. The series was exceptionally successful, attracting the young female audience to the He-Man franchise whilst maintaining popularity with the male audience.

The series ran for two seasons, 65 episodes in 1985, and 26 episodes in 1986, comprising 93 episodes in total.

The first 5 episodes were later re-edited into the film He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword.


  • The Rebellion
  • The Horde
    • Hordak - Ruler of Etheria, himself under the command of Horde Prime
    • Shadow Weaver - Second in command to Hordak, a powerful sorceress
    • Catra - Force-Captain of the Horde, can transform into a panther with her magical mask
    • Scorpia - Part human, part scorpion
    • Mantenna - Has eyes that pop-out and send out rays that harm or control his enemies
    • Leech - Can drain the energy of his enemies through his suction-pad hands
    • Imp - Hordak's sidekick, a small bat-like creature
    • Octavia - A Horde-commander, with tentacles
    • Entrapta - The Horde's technician and inventor
    • Vultak - A humanoid vulture
    • Dylamug - An evil robot
    • Horde Prime - Intergalatic ruler of The Horde
    • Horde Troopers - The minions of Hordak

Cast & Credits

Developed and Written by: Lawrence (Larry) G. DiTillo, Bob Forward, Robert Lamb and J. Michael Straczynski
Voice Direction by: Erika Scheimer
Produced by: Arthur H. Nadel and Lou Scheimer

A full credits list can be found at

Theme Tune

Music was composed and conducted by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban and Erika Lane.

The lyrics were by Erika Scheimer, who also sung the song with Noam Kaniel, with the introduction by Melendy Britt.

For the film, The Secret of the Sword, a full length song was produced, entitled "I Have The Power", essentially an extension of the closing theme.

  • Download (MP3) (Opening Credits)


Opening Credits

(She-Ra, She-Ra!)

I am Adora, He-Man's twin sister,
And defender of the Crystal Castle.

This is Spirit, my beloved steed.

Fabulous secrets were revealed to me
The day I held aloft my sword and said:

"For the Honor of Greyskull!"

(She-Ra, She-Ra...)
(She-Ra, She-Ra...)

"I am She-Ra!"

Only a few others share this secret.
Among them are Light Hope, Madame Razz, and Kowl.
Together, we and my friends of The Great Rebellion
Strive to free Etheria from the evil forces of Hordak!

(She-Ra, She-Ra!)


Closing Credits

For the honour of love.
By the power above.

I Have The Power!
I Have The Power!

So can you...

I Have The Power


Somewhere out there, someone needs me.
I don't know how or where, but believe me.
I'll walk the universe to find her.
For better or for worse beside her.

For the honour of love.
By the power above.
I Have The Power!
I Have The Power!



A stranger walked into my world.
And when he talked I really heard.


He spoke of things like love and peace.
The joy it brings will never cease.

For the honour of love.
By the power above.
I Have The Power!
I Have The Power!


The truth of love is here to guide me.
The strength above is here beside me.


Forever more we'll be together.
Our hearts will soar one to the other.



The truth of love will always guide us.
The strength above will be inside us.
Forever more we'll be together.
Our hearts will soar one to the other.

For the honour of love.
By the power above.
We Have The Power!
We Have The Power!
So can you...



As yet, the full series are not available in the UK, but their release has started in the US, Season 1, Volume 1 is out now.

He-Man and She-Ra: Secret Of The Sword
She-Ra Secret Of The Sword.jpg


He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special
She-Ra A Christmas Special.jpg


She-Ra: Princess of Power - Season 1, Volume 1 (Region 1)
She-Ra Season 1 Volume 1 R1.jpg

Stb-amazon-co-uk.png Stb-amazon-co-uk.png

The Secret of the Sword DVD set includes:

  • A feature length commentary by some of the cast and crew, as well as a documentary on the creation of She-Ra
  • A featurette interview with Erika Scheimer on the theme song: "I Have The Power", together with:
    • The music video
    • A Sing-a-Long version
  • "Best Of She-Ra" 5 episode set comprising:
    • (Ep#18) Horde Prime Takes A Holiday
    • (Ep#21) The Stone In The Sword
    • (Ep#29) The Price Of Freedom
    • (Ep#56) Of Shadows And Skulls
    • (Ep#85) Sweet Bee's Home

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