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This series follows the misadventures of four humans and one dog, during their travels in the amazing Dream Zone. Every night of the year, each person on Earth goes to sleep. Little do they know, that when they dream, their thoughts and awareness are transported to the magical but very real Dream Zone. Here, fantasies and fears are played out. Carter, Keiko, Rosie and Nick are four neighbourhood friends who meet each night in their dreams in order to have outrageous adventures together. The series was shown on BBC1 in 1990 and was also known as "Midnight Patrol".


  • Potsworth - Loveable dog and main character.
  • Carter- Potsworths' owner
  • Keiko- Friend of Potsworth
  • Rosie- Friend of Potsworth
  • Nick- Friend of Potsworth
  • The Nightmare Prince- Villan of the series
  • The Grand Dozer- King of Dreamland

Cast & Credits

  • Clive Revill- Voice of Potsworth
  • George Lemore- Voice of Carter
  • Janice Kawaye- Voice of Keiko
  • Elizabeth Harnois- Voice of Rosie
  • Whitby Hertford- Voice of Nick
  • Rob Paulsen- Voice of Nightmare Prince
  • Hamilton Camp- Voice of The Grand Dozer

Theme Tune

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