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Playdays (known as Playbus until 25 December 1989) was a children's television programme from the United Kingdom. It was broadcast between 17 October 1988 and 28 March 1997 on the BBC.

Each week, the characters would do different activities or go to different places. Peggy Patch went to a different place each week; at the Roundabout Stop they told stories and nursery rhymes; Why Bird would show video clips, usually scientific clips or clips about the natural world; the Poppy Stop featured Poppy's house where she would do everyday things from cooking simple meals to building toy castles and towers; and the Dot Stop featured Rebecca Higgins as Dot telling a story.

Characters & Cast

  • Why Bird - Ellie Darville
  • Peggy Patch - Sally Preisig
  • Poppy - Sue Monroe
  • Lizzie - Liz Watts
  • Mr. Jolly - Robin Fritz
  • Mr. Jolly #2 - Clive Duncan
  • Betty The Tea Lady - Patsy Byrne
  • Charlie Grindle - Nick Mercer
  • Himself - Ricky Diamond
  • Herself - Trish Cooke
  • Bus Driver - Iain Lauchlan
  • Bus Driver - Simon Davies
  • Bus Driver - Philip Hawthorn
  • Bus Driver - Royce Hounsell
  • Bus Driver - Brian Jameson


  • Zoë Ball
  • Vanessa Amberleigh
  • Elizabeth Fost
  • Frances Dodge
  • Dave Benson Phillips
  • Chris Jarvis
  • Stuart Bradley

The Stops

The bus stopped at a different place each day:

  • The Why Bird Stop (Monday)
  • The Playground Stop (Tuesday)
  • The Dot Stop (Wednesday)
  • The Patch Stop (Thursday)
  • The Tent Stop (Friday)

The Dot Stop was replaced with the Roundabout Stop in 1992, and the Tent Stop was replaced with the Poppy Stop in 1995.


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