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This show is about Ovide, a platypus and his friends Saphron, Polo, Groaner and the others. They live on a tropical island that is always surprising them with new areas they have never seen before. They also try to outsmart the evil baddie snake 'Cy'. The show was created by the Canadian animation studio CinéGroupe, with 65 episodes being made in 1987.

Ovide is also known as "Ovide and the Gang" and "Ovide Video".


  • Ovide
  • Saphron
  • Groaner
  • Bobo
  • Cy
  • Doe
  • Rae
  • Mi
  • Alvin
  • Polo


Written by: Pierre Coran, Jean-Pierre Liccioni & Carl Norac
Directed by: Raymond Burlet & Jean Sarault


Unfortunately no DVDs of Ovide have ever been released, although several VHS tapes were released in the UK in the early 90's and these sometimes show up on eBay.

Theme Tune

Composed by Carlos Leresche.


Join us on this South Sea Isle.
The gang's all here to swing in style.
Saffron's cooking up a roast,
And Ovide Video's your host.

Look out Cy,
Look out Bobo,
Party crashing's a no-no.
I'll catch that sneaky snake cries Fred Polo.

Tough-nut Cy,
He's super sly.
But Rowland knows no smarty,
Can ruin Ovide's party. (Oh no?)

The joint is hopping,
Come on, let's drop in.
For more top tales of Ovide Video. (Video!)
The gang's all here,
Let's get on with the show. (Yeah, let's go!)

And now top tales of Ovide Video...


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