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Maid Marian and her Merry Men was a children's comedy written by and starring Tony Robinson, based on the Robin Hood legend, except that Maid Marian is leader of the pack.

Four series were made, 6 episodes per series (7 in series 4), all shown on CBBC from 1989 to 1994, as well as a Christmas Special called Much The Minimart Manager's Son in 1993.


  • Maid Marian - Leader of the gang
  • The Merry Men
    • Robin (of Kensington) - Exceptionally vain and cowardly, but a good tailor
    • Barrington - A singer, dancer and Marian's righthand man
    • Little Ron - A little man, first in to any scrap
    • Rabies - A great oath, very stupid, but also loyal
  • King John - Ruler in King Richard's absence
  • The King's Men
    • The Sheriff of Nottingham - King John's righthand man, although he is out for himself really
    • Gary - A blundering guard, always with Graeme
    • Graeme - Another of the Sheriff's men
    • Guy of Gisborne - An only child, the king's nephew, and exceptionally stupid
  • The Villagers of Worksop
    • Gladys - The wise old woman of worksop, though she's not that wise
    • Snooker - A quite stupid male villager, invented the game named after him
    • "Rotten" Rose Scargill - School friend/enemy of Marian, often betrays her
    • Little Girl - Series 1 child character, often with Gladys
    • Nettle - Taking over the little girl character in series 2
    • Chickweed - A very young villager
    • Hayley - The little girl character for series 3

Cast & Credits

Written by: Tony Robinson
Additional writing by: Mark Billingham and David Lloyd
Produced by: Richard Callanan
Directed by: David Bell

Episode List

Series 1

# Title Screen Name Description
1.1 Maid Marian How The Band Got Together.jpg How The Band Got Together The Sheriff of Nottingham is cracking down on the people of worksop and arresting people for practically nothing at all. If only there was someone to stand against him and unite the people. A maiden called Marian has spirit and an idea...

First Broadcast: 16th November 1989
1.2 Maid Marian Robert The Incredible Chicken.jpg Robert The Incredible Chicken A fluke shot by Robin nearly kills the Sheriff, and so the Sheriff and King John setup an archery competition to catch Robin. It's obviously a trap so Robin comes with an ingenious disguise, and enters the competition as Robin The Incredible Chicken.

First Broadcast: 23rd November 1989
1.3 Maid Marian A Game Called John.jpg A Game Called John It's P-P-Pancake Day and everyone is busy baking. Snooker has come up with a new game, involving Lincoln green cloth, wooden sticks and small balls. King John wants to name it after himself, everyone will want to play John.

First Broadcast: 30th November 1989
1.4 Maid Marian The Miracle Of St Charlene.jpg The Miracle Of St. Charlene King John's uncle has died and left him a hot water bottle, he was hoping for a lot more. Meanwhile the Merry Men are trying to build a bridge over the river.

First Broadcast: 7th December 1989
1.5 Maid Marian The Sharp End Of A Cow.jpg The Sharp End Of A Cow King John isn't happy, and has fired The Sheriff. The Sheriff then goes undercover to try and get Robin, but Robin is countering this by setting up booby traps to get in to the base.

First Broadcast: 14th December 1989
1.6 Maid Marian The White Knight.jpg
Maid Marian The Whiteish Knight.jpg
The White(ish)
A white, or creamy-beigy knight is riding around the area, rumour has it that it is King John's brother back from the Crusades. The Sheriff needs to organise some sort of welcome, the children of Worksop are roped in to help, including one with a lot of facial hair...

First Broadcast: 21st December 1989

Series 2

# Title Screen Name Description
2.1 Maid Marian The Beast Of Bolsover.jpg The Beast Of Bolsover The Merry Men rule Sherwood Forest, at least until The Beast of Bolsover turns up with his gang and takes over. They even squat in Marian's hideout!

First Broadcast: 15th November 1990
2.2 Maid Marian The Worksop Egg Fairy 2.jpg The Worksop Egg Fairy The Worksop Egg Fairy has visited the residents of Worksop and left them an egg! A prized possesion which the villagers do not want to eat, but King John does. The Merry Men must keep the egg safe and try and educate Worksop about the real value of an egg.

First Broadcast: 22nd November 1990
2.3 Maid Marian Little Brown Noses.jpg Little Brown Noses Colin, Gladys chicken has been arrested by the Sheriff for illegal parking. The Merry Men try to hold a charity concert and sell little brown noses to raise money for Colin's release. The King has other problems though as his nephew, Guy of Gisborne is coming to live with him.

First Broadcast: 29th November 1990
2.4 Maid Marian Rabies In Love Logo.jpg Rabies In Love Rabies is arm-wrestling to raise money for the Merry Men, and is doing very well. That is until a 'beautiful' woman called Fergi turns up and beats him. Rabies is smitten and wants to marry her, unfortunately King John wants to marry off Guy to her instead.

First Broadcast: 6th December 1990
2.5 Maid Marian Rotten Rose Part 1.jpg Rotten Rose Part 1 Rose Scargill, an old school friend of Marian's, adores Robin and persuades Marian to take her to see him. But Rose is deceitful and decides she could do well out of turning Robin in to the Sheriff.

First Broadcast: 13th December 1990
2.6 Maid Marian Rotten Rose Part 2.jpg Rotten Rose Part 2 Marian and Robin are in King John's jail, thanks to Rose and The Merry Men are planning an audacious rescue attempt, which involves breaking in to the castle to ask Marian how to rescue her. Robin isn't helping much, Guy's affections for Marian might be her only hope.

First Broadcast: 20th December 1990

Series 3

# Title Screen Name Description
3.1 Maid Marian The Big Baby.jpg The Big Baby King John wants a present, but it's not his birthday or Christmas - but by a stroke of luck it is Bloopy. Fortunately the Sheriff has a present for King John, a giant confectionery surprise! The Merry Men don't intend it to reach its destination though.

First Broadcast: 7th January 1993
3.2 Maid Marian Driving Ambition.jpg Driving Ambition King John is panicking, he has his driving exam in the morning and the examiner can't be bought. Perhaps a change of examiner is called for.

First Broadcast: 14th January 1993
3.3 Maid Marian Keeping Mum.jpg Keeping Mum Marian's mum is coming to Worksop and Marian is far from pleased. Her mum thinks she is a Dental Assitant, and she doesn't want to blow her cover. The Merry Men are delighted to see her though, as it seems, is the Sheriff...

First Broadcast: 21st January 1993
3.4 Maid Marian They Came From Outer Space.jpg They Came From Outer Space There's a strange object, burning across the sky. Perhaps it's aliens coming to get people!

First Broadcast: 28th January 1993
3.5 Maid Marian Robin and the Beansprout.jpg Robin And The Beansprout Robin has forgotten to cook dinner and is fresh out of excuses. So off he goes to get a Chinese takeaway, but he only manages to get a solitary beansprout. Perhaps he could plant it and see where that gets him.

First Broadcast: 4th February 1993
3.6 Maid Marian The Great Mud Harvest.jpg The Great Mud Harvest The Sheriff is in desperate need of a new taxation scheme if he is to keep his job, Gary has already lost his, fortunately the Great Mud Harvest has started and looks rather oily.

First Broadcast: 11th February 1993
3.7 Maid Marian Much The Minimart Managers Son.jpg Much The Minimart Manager's Son There's a new salesman in town, and all the girls have their eyes on him, especially Rose. He apparently only has eyes for Marian, but she is playing hard to get. The Merry Men don't trust him though...

First Broadcast: 12th December 1993

Series 4

# Title Screen Name Description
4.1 Maid Marian Tunnel Vision Title.jpg Tunnel Vision Robin (as a brilliant Richard O'Brien) and the gang have invented a fabulous new game, while King John is pushing for a Scunthorpe to Worksop tunnel. Meanwhile Marian's had a haircut and Roy has kidnapped Guy.

First Broadcast: 5th January 1994
4.2 Maid Marian Bouncy Sheriff Title.jpg Bouncy Sheriff Guy's taken over the castle with his toys, so the Sheriff takes up Rose's offer of building an extention. Marian gives up leadership and takes on a job with Rose...

First Broadcast: 12th January 1994
4.3 Maid Marian Raining Forks Title.jpg Raining Forks Ooh it's the plague! It's impending doom for all! Actually, it's a cold, but the only answer is a group holiday to a Skegness holiday camp, just in time for High Forks Night!

First Broadcast: 19th January 1994
4.4 Maid Marian The Wise Woman Of Worksop Title.jpg The Wise Woman Of Worksop The Merry Men can't sleep, so Gladys bakes a sleepy cake which leads to disasterous consequences and a great song about Pixie Paul and his wife Linda!

First Broadcast: 26th January 1994
4.5 Maid Marian Robin The Bad Title.jpg Robin The Bad Robin's been framed! Worksop has turned against evil Robin - can he prove his innocence?

First Broadcast: 2nd February 1994
4.6 Maid Marian The Nice Sumatran Title.jpg The Nice Sumatran Following a set up, King John has abdicated. Taking up the throne is his nephew Guy... who is 10 times worse as Monarch. Can the Merry Men do the unimaginable and reinstate the ex-King John?

First Broadcast: 9th February 1994
4.7 Maid Marian Voyage To The Bottom Of The Forest Title.jpg Voyage To The Bottom Of The Forest Marian has her eyes on a ship. A ship that is being transported through the forest. One thing leads to another, and the gang end up on a parallel universe where everything is very wrong.

First Broadcast: 16th February 1994

Theme Tune

The theme tune, as well as the many other songs from within Maid Marian, were composed by Nick Russell-Pavier and David Chilton.



Why don't you carry on,
With what you're doing.
'Cos there's always
Trouble brewing.
You've got to find a way,
To make a better day!
Whoa, Marian!

Why don't you carry on,
With your Merry Men.
And make heroes,
Out of each of them.
You've got to find a place,
To make a better space!
Whoa, Marian!

Oh Marian...

There are some lyrics from other songs in the series at Barrington's Programme Guide.



All four series of Maid Marian and her Merry Men are now available on Region 2 DVD.

Maid Marian and her Merry Men - Series One
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Maid Marian and her Merry Men - Series Two
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Maid Marian and her Merry Men - Series Three
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Maid Marian and her Merry Men - Series Four
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