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Here is the help for Wiki Editors!!!

Wiki Editing Help

The following links should help editors with no wiki skills to get started!

Site Specific Editing Help

All main show pages within the site should follow the following site template as best as possible.

If you wish to use the MerchandiseTable extension, particularly encouraged for adding items to the Merchandise section, please see the following documentation.

Before adding a new page, please check the full list of shows and the list of "show stubs", to see if it is already listed. Feel free to add to any existing shows, or to complete a stub page (follow the link below for guidelines).

If you upload a logo image for a new show, please use a sensible file name and fill in the summary as per the show logo template.


The sandbox can be used a test page, to test out anything, or to practice your wiki editing skills without fear of breaking anything!

The ClassicKidsTV Team

The ClassicKidsTV team information can be viewed here.