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A 90's Channel 4 show shown mostly on Sundays. There is very little information about this show on the Internet but it was first shown in 1990.

Lou Hirsch who played Chuck Gopher went on to play Arnie in My Hero, he had a part in the Thunderbirds Movie and also in Space Precinct. Francis Wright who played Arthur Burrows' voice, Sly and other characters was in many more Kids TV shows including Five Children and It (as the voice of the Psammead), Wizadora, Sooty and Grotbags.


  • The Gophers
    • Chuck Gopher - Head of the Gopher family, an american
    • Lillian Gopher - Chuck's wife
    • Junior Gopher - Their oldest boy, with an eye for Florrie
    • Chiplet Gopher - The baby

  • The Burrows
    • Arthur Burrows - Head of the Burrows family, all rabbits, and very English
    • Beatrix Burrows - His over-bearing wife
    • Flora (Florrie) Burrows - Their daughter

  • Merv Wombat - An Australian wombat on walkabout, discovering "The Old Country"

  • Dr. Wince - A nasty fox trying to build a road through the area
  • Sly - His reptilian toady

  • Mailman - The mailman delivers letters to Sycamore Heights

  • The Crows - They live up a tree in Arthur's garden
    • Frankie
    • Ollie

  • Shakespearean Tree - Lives in The Burrows garden

  • The Vegetables - They live in Arthur's vegetable patch
    • Charlotte Cabbage
    • Percy Cabbage
    • Knowitall Carrot
    • Weepy Cauliflower
    • Barry Pumpkin

  • The Cockroaches - They live in the wall in the Gopher's kitchen
    • Nacho
    • Mimi - A waitress
    • Lupe - The Bartender

  • Sycamore Heights Independent Television Actors - As seen on television
    • Lemming
    • Rooster

Cast & Credits

  • Flaminia Cinque - Lillian Gopher (voice), Merv Wombat (body)
  • Erik Collinson - Dr. Wince (voice), Beatrix Burrows (body), Ollie, Knowitall Carrot
  • Tessa Crockett - Junior Gopher (body), Mailman (body)
  • Sue Scott Davidson - Beatrix Burrows (voice), Dr. Wince (body), Charlotte Cabbage
  • Carolyn Fairlie - Flora Burrows (body)
  • Lou Hirsch - Chuck Gopher (voice), Nacho
  • T. D. Rose - Junior Gopher (voice), Lupe
  • Tom Skippings - Chuck Gopher (body), Weepy Cauliflower
  • Jeremy Stockwell - Merv Wombat (voice), Lillian Gopher (body), Percy Cabbage, Lemming, Shakespearean Tree
  • Frederick Warder - Arthur Burrows (body), Mailman (voice), Barry Pumpkin
  • Victoria Willing - Flora Burrows (voice), Chiplet Gopher, Mima
  • Francis Wright - Arthur Burrows (voice), Sly, Frankie, Rooster

Created, Written and Produced by: Mark Mason
Additional writing by: Lee Cornes
Characters & Puppet Design by: Ron Mueck
Musical Director: Vince Cross
Directed by: Nick Willing

Theme Tune

Music on the show was by Vince Cross.


This show has yet to be released on DVD although some bootlegs are available, there were a couple of VHS releases at the time the show was on TV. Occasionally these turn up on secondhand markets, such as eBay.


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