Emu's Pink Windmill Show

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Emu's Pink Windmill Show

This show was based in a Pink Windmill. Emu and Rod would always be trying to outwit "Grotbags", a very large witch and her helper, Croc.

The programme had a live studio audience that were always yelling things to help Rod and Emu out.

Rod Hull made a number of programmes with his Emu, of which The Pink Windmill Show, EBC1: Emu's Broadcasting Company and Emu's World are probably the best remembered. There was also a spin-off series for the character Grotbags.

Rod and Emu's UK debut was on an episode of Saturday Variety on 22nd November 1972. Emu was an instant hit, so got a regular slot on Happy House during 1973, finally getting their own series in 1975 with EBC1: Emu's Broadcasting Company.

Sadly, Rod Hull died in 1999, falling off his roof whilst trying to adjust a TV aerial.


Rod 'n' Emu Shows

  • Happy House (ITV, 1972-1973)
  • EBC1: Emu's Broadcasting Company (1975-1980)
  • Emu's Christmas Adventure (1977)
  • Emu's Magical Music Show (1980)
  • Emu's Magical Christmas Show (1981)
  • Emu's World (1981-1984, 1988)
  • Emu's Magical Easter Show (1982)
  • Rod and Emu's Saturday Special (1983)
  • Emu At Easter (1984)
  • Emu's All Live Pink Windmill Show (Central Television, ITV, 1984)
  • Emu At Christmas (1984)
  • Emu's Pink Windmill Show (Central Television, ITV, 1986)
  • Emu's Wide World (1987-1988)
  • E.M.U. - TV (1989)
  • Rod 'n' Emu (Cartoon Series, 13x10-minute episodes, ITV, 1991)



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