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The World of David the Gnome (Originally titled in Spanish as David el Gnomo) was a childrens animation based upon the books "The Gnomes" (Dutch: De Kabouter) by the Dutch author Wil Huygen and the illustrator Rien Poortvliet. It was made by BRB Internacional, SA in 1985, being first televised by the Spanish national broadcaster, TVE. The executive producer for the company was Claudio Biern Boyd; the producers were Micheline Charest and Ronald Weinberg. For the English language version, production was overseen by Bob and Harvey Weinstein. Music for the show was composed by Javier Losada and Hilario Camcho; the title song was performed by Normand Groulx, and lyrics written by Bob Jewett and Jack Maeby, who also assisted with composing incidental music for the show along with Pierre-Daniel Rheault.


David (voiced by actor Tom Bosley) is the oldest gnome in the forest, at heading on for 399 years of age, and most gnomes only make it to 400 years (with rare exception, one couple in Balkans getting to 550 years) before they go to a special place in the forest where they turn into trees. David is a doctor, and uses some unique powers including Hypnosis and Acupuncture, to cure his patients, mostly animals, including Swift the fox (his most reliable form of transport), or other gnomes. His wife, Lisa (voiced by Jane Woods) is the head of their household, which includes the son and daughter of David and Lisa, Harold and Lily. Lisa is the same age as David. Their children are both 14 years old (and according to reference material by Wil Huygen, from "The Gnomes", most Gnome children are not even potty trained until they are 10!).

David's most commonly used transport to get round the forest and to other close places in a hurry is a Red Fox named "Swift". In the cartoon it is unclear as to how Swift and David became friends, although previous reading of the book "The Gnomes" suggests that Swift may have been one of David's former patients. David is also friends with a bird which he befriends after treating it for injuries. David can whistle for the bird or Swift, depending on the length of the journey to be undertaken. It is seen that for longer journeys, David sometimes travels using a makeshift basket which is lassoed around the birds neck.

The general plot of the story covers David and his companions' adventures around the world in pursuit of the treatment of those who need help. The adventures are varied, and always carry the important message to the viewer about taking care of the countryside and its wildlife.


After the success of the initial series, the same producers created a spin-off called Wisdom of the Gnomes (1987). In this series, the protagonist is a gnome called Klaus, a judge who travels with his assistant Dani to solve disputes.

Other sequels, both in serial and movie form, were The Great Adventure of the Gnomes (1995), The Gnomes in the Snow (1999) and The Fantastic Adventures of the Gnomes (2000).



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