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Captain Zep

BBC Sci-Fi detective show which ran for two series in 1983-4. Captain Zep would show footage of his famous cases to "students" at the "Solve Academy" (i.e. a studio audience of kids) and challenge them to solve the case. There was also a write-in competition in which you could win a Captain Zep - Space Detective badge.

A technically innovative show, involving a lot of chromakey as Zep interacted with drawn characters on strange alien worlds. In fact, the BBC were particularly proud of the series' technical achievements and trumpeted them at every opportunity (much as they would later do for Walking With Dinosaurs, for instance).


Episode List

Series One, broadcast on BBC1 at 5.10pm, Wednesdays for six weeks starting 5 January 1983.

  1. Death On Delos
  2. The Lodestone Of Synope
  3. Plague Of Santos
  4. The G and R 147 Factor
  5. The Tinmen Of Coza
  6. The Warlords Of Armageddia

Series Two, BBC1, Fridays at around 4.40pm for six weeks starting 9 March 1984.

  1. Death Under The Sea
  2. The Missing Agent Of Ceres
  3. The Small Planet of Secrets
  4. The Sands Of Sauria
  5. The Tree Of Life
  6. Death By Design

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