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C.A.B aired on Children's ITV in the UK between 1986 and 1989. C.A.B focused on two children (Colin Freshwater and Franny Barnes) who are looking after an old Egyptian junk shop for Ma Mossop, who goes missing. The children turn detectives to discover the secrets of the shop and how to find the treasure in the Egyptian tomb.

In series two Colin and Franny stumble accross a new shop, The Wooden Kamel, and must find out why Hellman has set up shop and what does he, the Policeman, Nyegel and Private Tripe want with the Egyptian treasure and the lost secret weapon left in the tomb.

In series three Colin, his brother Jace and Franny's sister Tracey must stop Robert and Eleanor claiming the throne of England with the stolen Queen's Beast.

Characters, Cast & Credits

Written by: Denise Coffey and John Kershaw
Produced by: Marjorie L. Sigley and Charles Warren
Directed by: John Darnell and Leon Thau


Series 1

Series 2

Series 3


C.A.B has never been commercially released, but there is currently a petition on the web for the release of C.A.B on DVD, you can view and sign the petition here: Bring C.A.B Out On DVD Petition.

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