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Blue Peter

Blue Peter is a BBC television series first shown on the 16 of October 1958. The show is aimed at both children and teenagers, and regularly attracts an audience of over 5 million viewers. The show has the format of a magazine, combining studio items, interviews, musical performances and outside broadcasts. Blue Peter is broadcast mostly live from BBC Television Centre, although does combine pre-recorded sections.

The show is popular for many reasons, some of which include it's catchy theme tunes, it's yearly charitable appeals, the Blue Peter pets, the garden, and of course the famous Blue Peter badges.


List of Blue Peter presenters:

  1. Christopher Trace (1958-1967)
  2. Leila Williams (1958-1962)
  3. Anita West (1962)
  4. Valerie Singleton (1961-1972)
  5. John Noakes (1965-1978)
  6. Peter Purves (1967-1978)
  7. Leslie Judd (1972-1979)
  8. Simon Groom (1978-1986)
  9. Christopher Wenner (1978-1980)
  10. Tina Heath (1979-1980)
  11. Sarah Greene (1980-1983)
  12. Peter Duncan (1980-1984),(1985)-(1986)
  13. Janet Ellis (1983-1987)
  14. Michael Sundin (1984-1985)
  15. Mark Curry (1986-1989)
  16. Caron Keating (1986-1990)
  17. Yvette Fielding (1987-1992)
  18. John Leslie (1989-1994)
  19. Diane-Louise Jordan (1990-1996)
  20. Anthea Turner (1992-1994)
  21. Tim Vincent (1993-1997)
  22. Stuart Miles (1994-1999)
  23. Katy Hill (1995-2000)
  24. Romana D'Annunzio (1996-1998)
  25. Richard Bacon (1997-1998)
  26. Konnie Huq (1997-2008)
  27. Simon Thomas (1999-2005)
  28. Matt Baker (1999-2006)
  29. Liz Barker (2000-2006)
  30. Zoe Salmon (2004-2008)
  31. Gethin Jones (2005-2008)
  32. Andy Akinwolere (2006-present)
  33. Helen Skelton (2008-present)
  34. Joel Defries (2008-present)


An excellent collection of the Blue Peter theme tunes:


A brand new Blue Peter book has been released to commemorate the 50'th anniversary of the programme. Beautifully illustrated with many rare and previously unpublished photographs, this is a celebration of a true national treasure.

Read the fascinating inside stories of this amazing programme, from its evolution to the people and animals who captured the imagination and entertained and educated millions of the nation's youth across generations. Revive memories of presenters, pets, makes, appeals, special assignments, famous guests, badges and more, and let this wonderful book delight and entertain you just as the programme did when you were young.

Blue Peter 50th Anniversary Book
Blue Peter 50th Book.jpg


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