Wil Cwac Cwac

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Wil Cwac Cwac

Wil Cwac Cwac is a young welsh duck, living with his mother Martha and father Hwmffra in a farm house, having adventures with his friends.

Originally created by Jennie Thomas and J.O. Williams, first appearing in the book "Llyfr Mawr y Plant" in 1931. The series was written for TV by Urien Wiliam, with illustrations by Beth McFall and the narration by Myfanwy Talog, who sung the theme tune for DangerMouse.

The series was originally a Welsh language project for S4C, produced by Siriol Animation (now Calon TV, producers of the new Fireman Sam and SuperTed). 30 episodes were made, in the mid-1980's.


  • Wil - Young duckling, always getting into trouble
  • Hwmffra - Wil's father, a farmer
  • Martha - Wil's mother, a housewife
  • Ifan - Wil's best friend, a turkey
  • Percy - Wil's cousin
  • Sioni - Wil's friend, a chicken
  • Hughe - Wil's friend, a goose
  • Dick - Wil's friend, a duck

  • Maury Pickles - Martha's friend
  • Mr Puw the Shop Shop - Keeper of a shop in the village
  • Mr Owie Policeman - The village policeman, a goose
  • Mr Jones the School - The school teacher, a ram


  • Narrated by - Myfanwy Talog
  • Originally Created by - Jennie Thomas and J.O. Williams
  • Written by - Urien Wiliam
  • Illustrated, Designed and Directed by - Beth McFall
  • Animation by - McFall Middleboe Animation
  • Produced by - Robin Lyons and Siriol Animation for S4C

Theme Tune

Music on the show was composed by Iolo Jones, directed by Mike Townend and produced by Ambarel.


Wil Cwac Cwac has never been released on DVD, some VHS recordings have been released in the past by Family Home Entertainment and Abbey Home Media and occasionally come up on eBay, but are quite rare.


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