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Pob's Programme was a childrens TV show shown in the United Kingdom the 80's featuring Pob, character who would, at the beginning of every show breathe all over the screen and write his name in it. It has become more famous as many people mistakenly thought Pob was spitting over the screen.

Fifty-two 25 minute programmes were made. They were transmitted on Channel 4 television between October 1986 and November 1987. In 2001 the show was voted number 60 in Channel 4's Top 100 Kids Tv Programmes.

Cast & Credits

At the start of every programme a special guest would find the thread of Pob's wool attached to the garden gate, at the end of the episode they would find Pob's jumper at the end of the wool.

Celebrity guests have included:

  • Roy Castle
  • Madhur Jaffrey
  • Brian Blessed
  • Toyah Wilcox
  • Hannah Gordon
  • Kathy Staff
  • Spike Milligan


Several VHS casettes were released in the late 80's although these have been out of print for many years, these occasionally appear on eBay although they can fetch quite high prices, such is the demand for Pob material.

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