Mr Benn

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Show Logo

"As if by magic... the shopkeeper appeared."

This show was about Mr Benn, a simple man who lived at 52 Festive Road. Every week Mr Benn went into his local costume shop and was transformed into a different character and had lots of adventures. 13 episodes were made in 1971. A DVD was released in 2005, showing the previous 13 episodes, plus one newly written episode, "Mr Benn - Gladiator", produced by King Rollo Films.


  • Mr Benn - Main star of the show.
  • Shopkeeper - Sets Mr Benn off on his adventures!

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Mr Benn - The Complete Series
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Many illustrated story books were released by David McKee, telling more tales from the world of Mr Benn. Most are available, mainly secondhand, via

Theme Tune

Music composed by Don Warren.


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