Maxie's World

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Maxies World

Premiering on September 18, 1989, Maxie's World was a show based on Surfside High School student/cheerleader Maxie. She has fun and adventures by solving crimes and investigating mysteries as anchorperson for her own TV show.

This show was another collaboration between DiC and Hasbro to promote an accompanying toyline.

The show last aired on September 1, 1990.


  • Maxie - Blonde bombshell who has her own show on television.
  • Rob - Hosts the show along side Maxie.
  • Carly
  • Ashley
  • Simone
  • Jeri - Girl who sort of gets on with Maxi, however she is fond of Rob.
  • Ferdie - Geek who Maxie and her friends tend to poke fun at.
  • Mushroom - Another geek who Maxie and her friends tend to poke fun at.
  • Mr. Garcia


Theme Tune

Original music on the show was composed by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban.


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