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Look and Read

Look and Read is the longest running Schools Television series in the UK. The first story was broadcast in 1967, and to date 22 stories have been produced, all shown many times on the BBC to almost all British school children over the last 30-40 years.


Story First Broadcast Description
Bob and Carol look for treasure 9th January 1967
Len and the River Mob 15th January 1968
The Boy From Space (1971) 21st September 1971
Joe and the Sheep Rustlers 16th January 1973
Cloud Burst 24th September 1974
The King's Dragon 11th November 1977
Sky Hunter 19th September 1978
The Boy From Space (1980) 15th January 1980
Dark Towers 22nd September 1981 Tracy Brown and her dog Towser befriend Lord Edward Dark in his home of Dark Towers. But dishonest antiques dealers Benger and Bunce are trying to steal many of the towers valuables, the treasure of Dark Towers must be found, before Miss Hawk gets there first.
Fair Ground! 11th January 1983
Badger Girl 18th September 1984
Geordie Racer 12th January 1988
Through The Dragon's Eye 19th September 1989 Jenny, Scott and Amanda are taken by Gorwen the Dragon to the land of Pelamar. Where they must help the Keepers of the Veetacore to find the lost Veetons and save the Pelamots from the evil Charn.
Sky Hunter II 14th January 1992
Earth Warp 11th January 1994
LRTV 24th April 1995
Spywatch 15th January 1996 Norman and Dennis have been evacuated to the country during WWII, and are staying with Amy Hobbs and her granddaughter Polly. Another evacuee Mary, is staying at the big hall with the sinister Mr Grainger and Miss Millington - the children suspect they are up to something.
Captain Crimson 14th April 1997
The Legend of The Lost Keys 12th January 1998
Zzapp and the Word Masters 16th January 2001
Spelling... 10th January 2002
Shadow Play 1st March 2004


Through The Dragon's Eye

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