James The Cat

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James The Cat

James The Cat was a show about a snobbish house cat called James, who lived at The Corner House, number 104, with a large garden. His previous owners left him behind, and now he spends his time in his garden with his new found friends, dreaming of a life as a king at his aunt Maude's castle in Wales.

The series was produced in 1984 by The James The Cat Company, along with Grampian Television, 23 episodes were made, each episode being about 5 minutes long.


  • James - a rather snobbish cat
  • Rocky - a rabbit and an ex-boxer
  • Dennis - a Welsh dragon
  • Mrs Lavendar - an Irish snail
  • Frida - an Australian kangaroo, sent by Aunt Maude to help James
  • Citron - a French frog
  • Auntie Maude - James' auntie who lives in a castle in Wales


Theme Tune

Music on the show was by Gary Yershon.


No releases of James The Cat have been made on DVD, there are a couple of old VHS releases that occasionally come up for sale. The VHS titles are Neighbours and Out and About with James the Cat.

HIT Entertainment hold the rights to the show at present.


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