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== Welcome to the help pages of ClassicKidsTV.co.uk!! ==
== Welcome to the help pages of ClassicKidsTV.co.uk!! ==
=== Contacting Us ===
We can be contacted via email at [mailto:webmaster@classickidstv.co.uk webmaster@classickidstv.co.uk].
Please direct any questions on specific shows to our [http://www.classickidstv.co.uk/forum forum], this is to ensure you will get a fast and accurate response to your question. The forum also features a dedicated "I Can't Remember" forum for all those shows you might have forgotten.
== FAQ ==
== FAQ ==

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Welcome to the help pages of ClassicKidsTV.co.uk!!


How to get back to the Homepage

You can return to the homepage at any time by clicking the large ClassicKidsTV logo in the top-left of your screen.

How to view shows

To browse the full list of all the shows featured on ClassicKidsTV simply use the "View all shows" link on the hompage or alternatively use the "Full Show List" link from the left-hand navigation menu. You can also use the links on the front page to view shows by their genre and decade.

Searching the site

To search for a particular show or to locate a certain piece of information such as an actor's name or a character you can use the search facility in the left-hand panel. This will search the full database of the site, including all images, text and links and will return all useful results. The search facility is very useful and should be used wherever possible!

Editing pages

All editing is controlled by the ClassicKidsTV editing team, anyone can become a member of the Team, no technical or coding skills are required as the Wiki makes editing very easy for anyone (although wiki editing experience would be a bonus). In order to become an editor you just need to send a quick email to webmaster@classickidstv.co.uk to request a login and password, then you can edit away to your hearts content!

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