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Greenclaws Title

Greenclaws is a very tall, quite tubby, green monster (rather like a caterpillar), who loves gardening and telling stories.

Greenclaws was made for CBBC in 1988, and comprised 26, 15 minute episodes. The show was aimed at the pre-school audience and was usually shown in the lunchtime slot on BBC2.

The name Greenclaws, is a play on the phrase 'greenfingered' which gardeners are said to be. Every episode he would plant a seed in his greenhouse, place it in the Riddle Tree and wait for it to grow. When it had, his owl Owlma, would ask him and his assistant Iris a question - they had to get it right to remove the plant from the tree.

Iris translated Owlma's utterings (in Owlmaese, usually "Twoo twoo, Twit twit twoo") for Greenclaws as he couldn't speak the language.

After that Greenclaws would tell a story to Iris and his parrot Percy (a Macaw) before the end of the show.

Cast & Credits

Written by: Ursula Jones
Produced by: Christine Hewitt

Theme Tune

Composed by Jonathan Cohen.


No Greenclaws releases are known, there may have been a VHS release at the time of first broadcast or perhaps not.


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