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Galaxy High School Title

Two students from Earth were picked to go to school at Galaxy High, an intergalatic school, located on a rock in space.

The students were Doyle Cleverlobe, a high school sports star, and Aimee Brighttower, a top-of-the-class academic girl.

They joined the school, run by Ms. Biddy McBrain, amongst pupils of many alien species, trying to fit in.

Galaxy High School was developed by Chris Columbus in the mid-1980's, with scripts by Larry DiTillo and produced by Japanese animation studio TMS Entertainment. The series was exceptionally poplar, considering there were only ever 13 episodes made, originally broadcast in the US on CBS from late 1986.


  • The Humans
    • Aimee Brighttower - Very smart girl, on a full scholarship at Galaxy High
    • Doyle Cleverlobe - Good at sports, bad at everything else, but improving

  • The Bonk Bunch
    • Beef Bonk - Head of the Bonk Bunch, the school bullies
    • Rotten Roland - Beef's sidekick, has a rotten egg for a head
    • Earl Eccchhh - Small slimy creature, usually sits on Roland's head

  • The Students
    • Milo De Venus - A man of many arms, Doyle's best friend and class president
    • Booey Bubblehead - Bubble-headed, literally, forgets things often
    • Gilda Gossip - Has lots of mouths on tentacles from her head
    • Wendy Garbo - Stylish vamp girl of the group, wears a live mink
    • Creep - Fuzzy yellow flying creature, sings like Sinatra, adores Aimee
    • 'Flat' Freddy Fender - Totally flat boy, can go places the others can't
    • Wolfgang Amadeus - Cat-like creature, practical joker

  • The Staff
    • Ms. Biddy McBrain - Headmistress of Galaxy High, has a lightbulb on her head
    • Professor Icenstein - Scientific genius, teacher at Galaxy High
    • Coach Katrina - Girl's coach, a centaur
    • Coach Ferdy Frogface - Frog-like humanoid, Boy's coach
    • Sludge - The Janitor, a little puppy that morphs into a monsterous dog
    • Blackboard - Ms. McBrain's blackboard, a classroom assistant
    • Jim - The Gymnaisium

  • The Others
    • Luigi La Bounci - Runs Luigi's Lunar Pizza Parlour, Milo and Doyle's boss
    • Ollie Oilslick - Taxi Driver, brought Aimee and Doyle to Galaxy High
    • Harvey & Mertyl Blastermeier - Jewish-sounding couple, who drive around, occasionally giving lifts
    • Al Gatori - Runs Gatori's Leather Shop, kidnapped Milo once
    • Mick Maggers - A rock superstar, beloved by Booey
    • Reggie Unicycle - The richest man in the galaxy
    • X234V9 - Aimee's Locker
    • Z4229Q - Doyle's Locker
    • The Kholesterolians - Creatures from the planet Kholesterol

Cast & Credits

Galaxy High Cast Photo

Developed by: Chris Columbus
Written by: Larry DiTillo and Ken Koonce
Voice Direction by: Howard Morris
Produced by: Gerard Baldwin and Barry Glasser

Theme Tune

The theme tune music was by Don Felder of the Eagles.


Doyle was a high school star.
Everybody thought he'd go real far.
But he didn't get the things,
From the classes he took.
You know he just wasn't interested,
In his books.

Aimee was the smartest girl at school.
Not very popular, not very cool.
Two kids will be chosen from Earth,
To go to school at Galaxy High.

Travelling millions of miles through space,
To go to school in a far off place.

Aimee is the sweetheart,
Doyle's got a lot to learn,
Here at Galaxy High!

Galaxy High!
Galaxy High!
Galaxy High!



Galaxy High has not yet been released on region 2 DVD, however it is available in region 1, NTSC format.

Galaxy High School - Volume 1
(eps. 1-7)
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Galaxy High School - Volume 2
(eps. 8-13)
Galaxy High Volume 2 R1.jpg

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